In what was a network focused on geeks, games and gadgets may soon become a channel for gentlemen, grooming and gyms. Variety is reporting that NBC Universal will be taking the network G4 and rebranding it to a more GQ direction.

NBCU, the parent company of G4, is hoping to change the target demographics of the station more towards the “modern male” whom they say has interests that span “beyond the dorm room or messy bachelor pad.”

This isn’t the first time G4 has undergone a rebranding. G4 launched in 2002 with hopes that it would become the network for news and shows about computers, technology, video games and the Internet for the 17-34 year old MTV male demographics. In 2004, it merged with Tech TV to become G4TechTV and in 2005, underwent another relaunch and became G4 once again. In 2006, the network went through a concept change with then President Neal Tiles who explained to Variety that G4 would be expanding “from a network solely defined by videogames to one inspired by them.”

Part of the reason for the rebranding is that there are numerous other networks that are vying for the same demographics as G4. With channels like Spike, Velocity, and even Syfy and Discovery, NBCU feels it needs to find a way for G4 to better distinguish itself from the other networks.

G4 is currently known as the home of the shows ‘X-Play,’ ‘Attack of the Show’ and the place to watch Comic –Con and E3 coverage. But beyond these tech/internet/gaming shows, the network has really fallen short as the rest of its programming is filled with repeats of ‘Cops,’ ‘Cheaters,’ ‘Ninja Warrior’ and ‘Campus PD.’

What does this mean for the future of the network’s original shows and con coverage? Right now it’s uncertain. While the rebranding sounds a bit extreme aiming for a more sophisticated look, the company is said to still plan on remaining true to the network’s roots of tech and video games.

It won’t be long before viewers see the unveiling of the “new” network as the rebranding is set to launch sometime early in 2013.

What are your thoughts? Are you sad to see G4 change? Or do you think the network had already died a long time ago? Let us know in the comment section below.