It’s true that there is darn near an app for everything these days. I try out a lot of them, especially if they are related to photography, organizers, star charts, and fantasy or science fiction. It’s not at the addiction level, but it’s close. You can benefit from my almost-obsession though. These are the fantasy and sci-fi apps that I find to be the most fun.Tricorder TR-580 – Tricorders may not exist in real life (yet), but with this app, you can pretend. Frivolous? Maybe. But it’s fun and sometimes that’s all I want from an app. It makes noises, though not the sounds from the Star Trek movies because of copyright issues. It also has a visually appealing layout. In case you really weren’t sure, the description points out that there is no real functionality. I’m glad we cleared that up.

Star Wars Books and Timeline – If you like to read Star Wars reference books or tales from the Expanded Universe, this app could help you keep track of the collection. It seems endless with all the novels, comics, and more. The chronological order can be tricky to untangle too. This app will help you keep organized. You can mark what you’ve read or what you want to read. You can also keep an eye on new releases and plan pre-orders. Keep in mind you can’t read the actual the books through this app, but you can find out about lots more things you need to read.

Game of Thrones Companion – Be prepared for the upcoming premiere of the HBO show. For $0.99 you can download this app and keep the almost unbelievable number of characters straight. If you’ve read the books, this will refresh your memory. If you haven’t read the books, it will be a useful aid while watching the show. Did I mention there’s also maps?

Lightsaber Unleashed – It makes your iPhone sound like a lightsaber. I don’t think I need to say anything else.

 I hope you find these as fun as I do!