Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman in last year’s pilot, which was not picked up.

Just one year after NBC passed on the David E. Kelley-helmed pilot starring a lonely Wonder Woman in the modern world, Vulture reports that the CW has ordered a script for a new Wonder Woman pilot, from writer Allan Heinberg (The O.C., Grey’s Anatomy), using the working title Amazon.  The series, like the CW’s long-running series Smallville, would showcase a younger, budding Diana, rather than an established, successful icon.  So far, there’s a lot working for this, namely Heinberg, a veteran of frothy, younger-skewing prime time soaps the likes of which tend to thrive on the CW.  The writer just so happens to have also established himself as being capable of handling young super heroes in the fan-favorite Marvel comic book series ‘Young Avengers.’

As of now, a script has been ordered, not a pilot, so the project may never reach fruition.  The NBC pilot was mostly completed, with the exception of some special effects, but the network passed on picking it up as a series.  Outside of some animated projects, the Amazing Amazon has struggled in recent years to cross over into other media.  In addition to the NBC pilot, Joss Whedon struggled to develop a live action feature film for DC’s parent company, Warner Brothers.  Judging by Avengers‘ success, Warner Brothers may be regretting letting him get away.

Speaking of Avengers, speculation has run rampant since that film’s astounding performance at the box office that Warner Brothers and DC would finally seriously commit to bringing the Justice League, whose membership includes Wonder Woman, to the silver screen.  It was reported earlier this year that Michael Goldenberg was developing a Wonder Woman feature film, however a TV series would most likely not affect these plans, as Superman Returns was released in theaters while Smallville was still airing on TV.

Though The CW passed on the fan-loved Aquaman pilot, Smallville ran for a full decade and was considered one of its flagship programs.  Smallville supporting player, Green Arrow will be reimagined on October 10th on the new CW series Arrow, whose success may influence whether or not Amazon goes forward.

Of course Lynda Carter starred as the Amazon Princess in the classic 70s tv series.  Unfortunately, other female action stars from that era have failed to reconnect with modern viewers.  In 2007, The Bionic Woman lasted only one season on NBC.  And just last season, Charlie’s Angels flopped on ABC.  Will Amazon be the third time that provesto be the charm?  As strange as it may sound, considering the character’s long history, could Wonder Woman be the next Buffy?