With this season’s ‘Breaking Bad’ now over, all eyes are looking toward next month’s Season 3 premiere for ‘The Walking Dead.’ In anticipation, AMC has debuted two new promos and 6 new images for the series to remind viewers that the show will be returning next month.

The teasers are great reminders that this show is not for those with weak stomachs as the first promo relives one of the shocking scenes from last season. If you aren’t caught up with the series, then you may want to skip viewing the ‘Shivers’ video as it contains a full 16 seconds of spoilers. It just serves to remind us that not everyone is safe from the Walkers.

The second teaser called ‘Darkness’ reminds us that while the prison may seem like an ideal place for a temporary respite, they may not be the only ones who think so. Here you get a great glimpse of the prison and what it holds. On a humorous note, at the very end of this promo, AMC serves to twist the knife in their ongoing dispute with DISH by remind everyone that ‘The Walking Dead’ is not available for those with this satellite provider.

In addition to the promos, AMC released 6 great images from Season 3. The first features Daryl (Norman Reedus) leading the survivors through the woods in what can only be assumed toward the prison, then there’s a couple with Glenn (Steven Yeun) taking on a zombie as well as one of Rick (Andrew Lincoln). The last three are character shots of Andrea (Lori Holden), Michonne (Danai Gurira) and the Governor (David Morrissey).

This season’s ‘The Walking Dead’ really looks like they’re taking the storylines into a darker, grittier more ghastly tone. It won’t be long before we see what the producers have in store as the show returns to AMC on Sunday, October 4th (unless you have DISH).

‘The Walking Dead’ – Shivers Teaser:

‘The Walking Dead’ – Darkness Teaser:

‘The Walking Dead’ – Season 3 Images:

(photos courtesy of AMC)

Source: Blastr, Comic Book Movie