Let’s start off the bat by saying that there are major spoilers to be had in this post so you may just want to go on to the next story in line if you don’t want to know anything involving plot details for ‘Iron Man 3′.

For those who have continued to stay on the page… get ready to be astounded! Thanks to Latino Review, we now have some insight on the capabilities of the newest Iron Man suit.

When the suit was first unveiled at Comic-Con as part of an Iron Man Suit-Through-The-Years display, the response from fans were a bit mixed. Those in Hall H, however, were able to see what it would look like onscreen and how it could remotely attach itself to Tony Stark.

But the biggest surprise to learn now is that the suit is not the Mark VIII as everyone assumed. It’s the Mark XLVII! Yes, you read correctly – the Mark 47!

Now read on about what the suit can do:

The Extremis-enhanced bad guys under direction of Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin villain are going to be too much for Tony to handle on his own, so he thinks ahead, thinks big and has a plan. Tony’s about to go out and fight some bad guys when he mentions the Mark XLVII to Pepper Potts. Pepper asks what happened to the other forty and Tony just smiles.

From the cockpit of Mark XLVII Tony is able to control multiple armors in battle. We over here at LR have been vaguely aware of an action scene where Tony was going to control multiple Iron Man suits (presumably they look similar to distract his enemies as to the location of kill-able Iron Man Prime), but the number 40 seems…awesome. 40 Iron Men.

Can you just picture that? Multiple Iron Man suits all controlled by Tony Stark in an epic battle! How freakin’ amazing would that be to see?

It seems like Shane Black is following the mantra “Go big or go home” with ‘Iron Man 3’ and it’s sounding like this could be the best film in the trilogy. What do you think of the latest news for the film?

‘Iron Man 3’ is set for release on May 3, 2013 and stars Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, Dale Dickey, Ashley Hamilton, James Badge Dale, Sir Ben Kingsley, and Jon Favreau.