The premiere episode of ‘Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks’ brought many surprises and unanswered questions. (If you missed the episode, you can read the recap here.). But one question that can now be answered is how did Darla manage to get the Doctor to help her?

If you thought that ‘Pond Life’ was the only prequel for the episode, then hold on to your fezzes as it’s just been revealed that there was another prequel available only to US Whovians who ordered the Season Pass of ‘Doctor Who’ on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video.

The prequel was written by Steven Moffat and features a mysterious hooded messenger who was sent by a woman named Darla von Karlsen (the woman in the beginning of the ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ episode) to help her rescue her daughter.

The 2½ minute prequel has some great moments like when the hooded messenger (voiced by Dalek operator Barnaby Edwards) tells the Doctor that a woman wants to see him and he replies, “I’m already married” and the use of Gallifrey writing to convey the space-time coordinates for the Doctor.

The prequel itself is actually still available on Amazon and is currently free to those with a US ISP address. (Although, I don’t know for how long.) For those who live outside the US borders, you can watch this special prequel below!

At least one question has been answered! Now about the girl Oswin….

‘Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks’ Prequel:

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