If you’ve been following the past week, the BBC has released a 5 part mini web-series called ‘Pond Life’ that has been acting as a prequel to the premiere of Season 7 of ‘Doctor Who.’ While the last 4 episodes have given us a rather humorous look of life without the Doctor, this last installment of ‘Pond Life’ leads up to the opening scenes of the show’s first episode.

I will warn you, Whovians, this is a spoiler filled video so if your intent is to watch tomorrow’s ‘Doctor Who’ episode spoiler free, you may not want to watch this. I can tell you, however, the Ood has been returned safely.

For those of you who are brave enough to watch, here is the final installment of ‘Pond Life:’

‘Pond Life’ – Part 5:

(video courtesy of BBC Doctor Who)