With all of the excitement about the upcoming ‘The Defenders’ series in Netflix, a lot of speculation has begun about what exactly will be the catalyst to bring the four heroes together and encourage them to work together, and what kind of drama could ensue that would be entertaining for the audience. For the ‘Avengers’ it was Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury that brought the heroes together, and it is very likely that for The Defenders, it will be the Night Nurse herself, Claire Temple, played by the wonderful Rosario Dawson.

Claire has been the connecting agent for all of the shows so far, has had a relationship/ saved the life of both Matt Murdock and Luke Cage (working with Jessica Jones to save Luke), and it has already been hinted at her insertion into the ‘Iron Fist’ series where she will be taking self-defense classes with one of Danny Rand’s supporting cast members. As for drama, the fact that she had a previous relationship with Murdock and has currently been flirting with Luke could certainly cause some issues for sure.

While speaking with EW recently about the Luke/Claire relationship, Mike Colter had the following to say:

“Anytime you’re smitten with someone and hanging out with them for the first time, there’s a spark. That newness makes everybody excited.”

When asked whether Luke would be jealous if he ever found out about the dalliance that Matt Murdock and Claire had during ‘Daredevil’ Season 1, Colter replied with:

“Daredevil didn’t have a romance [with Claire], we didn’t see that…I didn’t see it. My story is that she spent the night and then she slept in another bedroom. So I’m sorry, I need some kind of evidence that Claire and Daredevil did it. This is just hearsay. She’s my girl.”

Plus, there’s the other drama of Jessica also having hooked up with Luke in the past, and according to the comics at least, eventually Jessica has a kid with Luke, so we know Claire and Luke may not work out. And all of this with Sigourney Weaver’s actual villainous threat going on, and whatever other villains show up that the team has to face. Of course, I’m just speculating and I’m sure the show will not focus too heavily on the love triangles, but I’m sure it will play at least a small part in the overall friction of the team.

What are your thoughts on the coming together of ‘The Defenders?’ Do you agree that Claire Temple will play a large role? Share your thoughts in the comments below!