Welcome Grimmsters! This week’s episode picks up where we left off with the Mauvais Dentes about to attack Nick and Monroe and Rosalee heading to the hospital to try and save Juliette. If you’re wondering where this episode will take you, maybe this episode’s beginning quote is from the Grimm’s tale ‘Sleeping Beauty’ will clue you in:

“If a man of pure heart were to fall in love with her, that would bring her back to life.”


The episodes picks up exactly where they left off  last week with Nick finding the bodies of the two FBI agents and the Mauvais Dentes on the attack. Nick tries to shoot him but the Wesen possesses some mad Parkour skills. Nick follows the Wessen into the catwalks. Meanwhile, Nick’s mom manages to get in the lumber mill from an open window.

The Mauvais Dentes manages to go at Nick once again and disarms him. A struggle ensues and Kelly (Nick’s mom) gets in on the fight. She manages to put him in a choke hold with a knife to the Wesen’s throat and demands to know who sent him. The Mauvais Dentes refuses to talk and elbows Kelly in the face but not before she sticks the knife into his neck. The Wesen dies as he tries to get away. Nick and Kelly get to the body but Nick tells her he needs to leave to get to Juliette. Kelly wants to search the body for clues as to who sent him but reluctantly follows Nick instead.

Monroe and Rosalee are at the hospital waiting for Nick. Rosalee is worried that time is running out but Nick arrives just in time. As they head to Juliette’s room, Rosalee tells Nick how to administer the potion. The potion has been given. Now they just have to wait.

As the group walks out of the hospital, Nick receives a call from Hank who tells him he’s at the lumber mill where there’s a crime scene and they’ve found the corpses of the two FBI agents. Nick tells him he’s on his way.

When Nick arrives, Sgt. Wu notices that Nick looks like he was in another fight but Nick shrugs it off. They head over to the bodies where Captain Renard is also present. Sgt. Wu finds a 9mm shell and Nick remembers that he fired out some shots and lost his gun. He frantically looks for it and is able to find it before anyone notices.

Two FBI agents, Lofthouse and Kosloski, arrive asking what happened to their agents. They tell the officers that they will take control of the investigation now. Special agent Lofthouse grabs one of the dead agents’ phone to see who she last called and when Nick answers, Lofthouse suspects he may be involved with what happened.

Nick, realizing that his gun can connect him to the crime, heads to the river and throws it in.

The next morning, Catherine calls Renard and tells him to come by and pick up the potion. As he is about to leave, Lofthouse and Kosloski come to the station and arrest Nick in connection to the FBI agents’ murder. Renard sends Hank to accompany Nick.

At Catherine’s house, she tells Renard that he needs to be pure of heart in order to wake Juliette. She tells him he needs to drink the milky white potion to chemically alter his heart and that it will be extremely painful. Kelly, in the meantime, sees Renard leave Catherine’s house. .

Kelly breaks into Catherine’s home and confronts her about the potion Adelind gave to Juliette. Catherine instantly recognizes she’s a Grimm and tries to diffuse the situation and tells Kelly that there is a Prince among them in Portland who is handsome, charming and literally a bastard son. She refuses to tell her more and turns into a Hexenbeast. They struggle and Catherine is fatally injured after slamming into a mirror. Before she dies, Catherine tells Kelly that only one man can save Juliette.

Meanwhile, Lofthouse and Losloski interrogate Nick. Nick is able to reason his way out of an indictment and they let him go.

As Nick leaves the FBI office, Hank just hangs up and tells Nick they are needed at a crime scene. The scene is Catherine’s home. When Sgt. Wu tells them her surname, Hank realizes that it’s the same surname as Adelind’s.

At home, Renard takes the potion and he begins to writhe in agony then collapses. When he wakes up,  he seems to be fine.

Nick arrives home and Kelly tells him what happened at Catherine’s home. She tells him that Catherine told her that only Royalty can save Juliette but doesn’t know who the Royal is that can save her. Kelly tells Nick because of the added attention this has caused, it’s time for her to leave Portland.

Nick gives his mother the gold coins and they have a tender moment. She promises to come back if she can. He drops her off at the station but instead of heading on the train, Kelly steals a car and drives off.

At the hospital, Renard heads to Juliette’s room and gives her a kiss. Once he leaves, she wakes up. Nick arrives just missing Renard and cant’ believe she’s awake! Ecstatic, he gives her a kiss but she backs away asking, “Who are you?!”

While only into the second episode, it looks like ‘Grimm’ is getting into the swing of things. The procedural aspect of the show and the overall story arc has a nice balance between of storytelling between them and we’re learning more about the Grimm world. Hopefully we’ll have more answers and revelations next week!

In the meantime, here’s a few highlights from the episode:

* Love Monroe’s scared reaction to Kelly and the thought of having to bring her to Nick’s home terrifies him.

* Mama Grimm has some mad fighting skills.

* Now we know why Renard has his own agenda as he’s not considered a legitimate heir to the Royal Family.

* What is Nick’s mom really up to?

* Now that Juliette is awake, will she now fall in love with Renard as he is the Prince that woke Sleeping Beauty up?

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