Spoiler Alert: This is a full episode recap, so if you want to avoid spoilers, please watch the episode before reading this.

Appa dismisses Hal, Kilowog and Razer and states that the Guardians will handle the Aya situation.  Hal and the others then break into the Guardians’ science officer’s quarters in an effort to find some way to dismantle Aya.  What they find leads them to the planetoid Vorga, which happens to be surrounded by asteroid-shelled crustaceans, which make their approach difficult.  One latches onto the Interceptor’s tail, but when Hal pilots the ship into Vorga’s atmosphere, it drives the creature off.  When Razer questions his action, Hal chalks it up to instinct.

Once on Vorga, the Lanterns find a lost Guardian, Scar!  She reveals that once upon a time, the Guardians possessed greater power, telepathy, teleportation and more.  They gave up these powers, but she didn’t.  After she confronted the Anti-Monitor, she teleported to this safe haven and refuses to return to Oa because she feels she can do more to stop the Anti-Monitor from Vorga, free from the Guardian’s counsel’s interference.

Scar then reveals the origin of Aya, a robot that she was tasked with imbuing with the ability to empathize with organic creatures.  To create her, Scar drew from the living being within the central power battery (presumably Parallax).  But once created, Aya uploaded all the data she could find, against Scar’s orders, in order to understand the universe.  Scar attempted to deactivate Aya, who had developed free will and curiosity.  Scar was forced to shut down her emotional capability… which Razer sees as a way to save her now.

Hal comes up with the idea of using orum, the yellow crystals from the Spider Guild’s world to weaken her enough to get close enough to reactivate her emotions so they can reason with her.  The jellyfish-like creatures of that world help them create a bomb that, by Scar’s testament, will act as a tranquilizer.

They locate Aya, shelled within the Anti-Monitor’s armor, and Razer is deployed to distract her.  Having learned that she is capable of emotion, he implores her to rediscover that, but she refuses to reverse her “evolution.”  Before Hal can stop her, Scar fires the missile, which he then realizes is powerful enough to “rip a planet in half.”  With Aya and razer seemingly destroyed, Kilowog attacks, but Scar is too powerful.  She takes down both Kilowog and Hal.

Meanwhile, her missile was ineffectual– Aya and Razer are still alive.  Razer attempts to reason with Aya, but she swats him aside and goes after the Interceptor.  She smashes the windshield, and Scar teleports away.  Hal flings Kilowog to safety, then programs the ship to collide with Aya and jump into warp drive.  He narrowly escapes before the collision.  Razer is angry, but Hal assures him that Aya isn’t dead and all that he’s done is buy them some time.

With just a few more episodes to go, things are looking tense!  I hope that Razer and the others are able to tap into Aya’s emotions and they are able to save her.  What do you think?  Leave a comment below!