Ever since the popularity of superhero team movies has risen with the release of ‘The Avengers’, everyone in Hollywood is trying to match that success with a team of their own. Not just the teams you’ve heard of either like The Justice League, but random and obscure teams that no one thought that they’d see feature films of like the Metal Men and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Now, yet another random team comes out of the woodwork thanks to producer Adi Shankar and Deadpool co-creator and Image Comics co-founder Rob Liefeld.

According to Collider, the controversial comic creator’s team of undead super-soldiers from the 90s known as Bloodstrike will be coming to the big screen with the hopes of starting a franchise. Shankar, who produced films like ‘The Grey’, ‘Dredd 3D’, the upcoming all-female ‘Expendables’ movie, and ‘Dirty Laundry’, the well-received Punisher short starring Thomas Jane, acquired the film rights to the team through his company 1984 Private Defense Contractors and plans on making something rarely, if ever, seen: a R-rated superhero film.

Launched in 1993 under the Extreme Comics banner of Image comics, Bloodstrike followed “a top-secret, super-powered assassination squad deployed covertly by the United States government” that consisted of members who were previously deceased, but brought back to life by the government’s Project: Born Again, which somehow involves vampire blood.

To me, this sounds like Liefeld sat down one day and said, “How can I combine Captain America, Blade, and Deadpool into one person and then make a team of them?” I’ve never actually read any ‘Bloodstrike’, so for all I know it’s actually pretty good, but based on the description, I’m not too sold on it. I mean, enough with the vampires already!

Are you excited to see ‘Bloodstrike’ hit theaters? Do you still have animosity towards Liefeld for Marvel’s ‘Heroes Reborn’? Share your thoughts in the comments!