Where fairy tales were the trend last year, it looks like reworkings of classic literary works are the rage when it comes to developing new TV shows this time around. With the success of ‘Sherlock’ and CBS’ take on that series called ‘Elementary’, and both Fox and the CW networks developing their own versions of ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’, now comes news that ABC is in the process of giving ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ a steampunk makeover.

The series will be called ‘Finn and Sawyer’ and will follow the exploits of the two characters who re-meet when in their 20’s and form an investigative firm “in a bustling, steampunk New Orleans.” (Wait, wasn’t this already touched upon in an episode of ‘Warehouse 13’ with H.G. Wells?)

The drama will be written and executive produced by Jason Richman (‘Detroit 187’) and David Zabel (‘Detroit 187′, ‘ER’, ‘Dark Angel‘, Star Trek Voyager’) and the project, at this time, has only received a script commitment from the network. If the network execs like what they read, the next step would be to cast and film a pilot.

This is the second project that will feature grown up versions of literary characters. There’s a project in development now called ‘The League of Pan’ that will center on the Lost Boys 10 years after they left Neverland.

It will be interesting to see ABC’s take on this project but the idea of a steampunk environment in New Orleans is exciting! The idea of another buddy detective show?… Not so much.

So what do you think? Would this be a series you could get into?

Source: THR