Even though they are in the midst of shooting the 7th season of the show (the second to last, meaning they only have a year or so left) and have had an official partnership for a ‘Game of Thrones’ beer line out for a few years now (thanks to a partnership with Ommegang Brewery), the folks behind the hit HBO show have yet to capitalize on the merchandising rights on what some might argue is the most popular drink in Westeros (no, I’m not talking about the Milk of the Poppy). I’m talking about the favorite drink of Tyrion Lannister, wine! How is there not an official ‘Game of Thrones’ wine collection yet you might ask? Well never fear, the folks at HBO Global Licensing have heard you, and want your money, so they have taken steps to satisfy your demands.

Partnering with Vintage Wine Estates, HBO Global Licensing has announced a collection of ‘Game of Thrones’ wines, credited to ‘Seven Kingdoms Wines’ will launch in the spring of 2017, just in time for fans to drink with while binge watching the first 6 seasons while prepping for the summer 2017 premiere of Season 7. The Wine Collection will apparently include a Chardonnay, a reserve-style Cabernet Sauvignon, and a proprietary red blend, which sadly enough, they did not choose to name after the infamous red wedding, potentially for fear that the consumer might associate blood with the wine.

As stated before, the collection will be available this spring for your drinking enjoyment, and if the beer collection is any indication, I am sure we will be seeing fans across the world consuming the new brand with vigor as they watch the new season and catch up on seasons past. Just make sure you do it right and buy a suitable wine goblet collection to sip from, as a modern wine glass just won’t feel right to be drinking a ‘Game of Thrones’ brand from.

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