When the ‘Star Wars 1313’ demo gameplay was revealed at E3 a couple months ago, it created quite a buzz. With its stunning graphics and realistic detailed animation, the game aims to raise the bar for the ‘Star Wars’ gaming franchise. But the most remarkable aspect of the game had to be the fact that the protagonist was not a Jedi. Now we know why.

In an interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine UK (OPM), creative director Dominic Robillard explained the reasoning behind putting the player in the shoes of a Bounty Hunter and not a Jedi Knight. The main reason, he states, is that the game makers wanted to give a very different perspective to the player, one that they could relate to more and one a bit more realistic than a demigod Jedi:

“The demi god complex that you’ve maybe seen or expect, frankly, from a Jedi game is definitely one vision of what playing in the Star Wars universe could be like. But we wanted to do something that had a much more ‘relatable’ hero character…. (our ideal protagonist is) someone who was more grounded, and that meant having ultimately a core character who was bound by the range of human ability, but that still gets to do amazing things through his gear, his gadgets and how he gets to use the level design.”

This seems very reasonable as a Jedi is bound by a certain moral code that would limit them from certain actions thus ultimately limiting creative options for the game. With a non-Jedi as the main character, certain aspects of the ‘Star Wars’ universe would be able to be explored that developers were not able to do before as the game is also going for a Mature rating.

Hear more about Robillard’s more grounded ‘Star Wars’ game in the OPM interview video below:

Since details are still pretty scarce about ‘Star Wars 1313’, keep checking back with ScienceFiction.com for updates on this compelling new game!