Zombies have been a mainstay of the horror genre for decades, but with the emergence of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’, those critters have been everywhere. Everyone wants to get in on the zombie action. Even Kevin Smith’s ‘Comic Book Men’ tried to take advantage of the current trend. Well, Anchor Bay Films has just joined the party (but not the Zombie Beach Party) and acquired the territorial rights to the recently completed undead thriller ‘The Demented’.

According to Deadline, Anchor Bay president Bill Clark has recently made the deal and added the film to their 2013 slate. Written and directed by Chris Roosevelt, ‘The Demented’ is about six college friends who take a weekend trip to a town where the inhabitants are victims of a terrorist attack that leaves them with aggressive rabies-like symptoms.

Anchor Bay Acquisitions and Co-Production VP Kevin Kasha described ‘The Demented’ as “an original zombie movie that we know horror audiences will love”. The film stars young actors and actresses from all around the sci-fi fantasy realm, including Michael Welch from the ‘Twilight’ saga and Kayla Ewell from ‘The Vampire Diaries’, plus Sarah Butler, Brittney Alger, and Richard Kohnke.

‘The Demented’ doesn’t sound like anything out of the ordinary these days, but I’ll reserve judgment until I see a trailer or something like that. What do you think? Does it sound like something you’d want to check out next year?