With rumors in high swing that Idris Elba (‘Prometheus’,’Thor: The Dark World’) is up for the role of Roland Deschain in Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower‘, the series creator has weighed in on changing the race of the central character.

A lot of people have been up in arms with how poorly the race change happened in ‘Fantastic Four’ as well as the fact that the character of Deschain has quite often been cited as having been based off of Clint Eastwood. Honestly, through, this would only really matter with how he interacts with a specific character.

First up, King’s thoughts on the change?

That’s right, he really doesn’t care and the only time it ever matters is when Roland interacts with Detta Walker who is the alter-ego of Odetta Holmes and hates white people with a passion. While it is initially a problem that has to be overcome they deal with it and they could just as easily make it so she hates men in general or have another reason to distrust Roland.

That clearly isn’t a reason to not cast Elba and if he’s got King’s blessing, I don’t think anyone else should hold it against him either. The actor that is needed for the part is one who can act more hardened from a long and painful life as well as someone who can be emotionally vulnerable. Elba has been both of those things in the past.

Do you think that Elba would play a good Roland? What are your thoughts on progress for ‘The Dark Tower’? Share your thoughts below!

If greenlit soon, Roland Deschain will begin his journey towards ‘The Dark Tower’ in January 2017.

Source: Cinema Blend