With Seth Grahame-Smith (‘Dark Shadows,”Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’) previously mentioning that he had too much on his plate to tackle the ‘Gremlins‘ reboot, it looks as if Warner Brothers is pulling Carl Ellsworth (‘Goosebumps,’ ‘Red Eye’) in to write the movie.

Ellsworth has a lot of experience with thrillers and wrote the upcoming ‘Goosebumps’ film which might make him the perfect person to handle the project. Assuming, that is, that we’re going for a mixture of the the darker humor and slapstick that was found in the original ‘Gremlins.’ I’m curious to see if we’re still going to have the focus be around one boy, his pet, and the problems that come when he feeds them after midnight or if there will be a major shift in the story and tone of this remake.

It should be noted that if Chris Columbus, who wrote the original film, does indeed direct this reboot, he has previously stated that he has a very strict no-CGI policy. He feels that the “anarchy” of having puppeteers controlling a host of these gremlins is truly what is needed to bring them to the big screen. Of course, that was five years ago and who knows what may have changed in that time.

What are your thoughts on another beloved 80’s property being remade in modern times? Is this a movie that hasn’t aged well enough to truly need a remake or should the studio be spending their millions to develop a different movie? Sound off below!

Source: Screen Rant