Last week on True Blood, Sookie discovered that she can be rid of her fae powers, making her a human and “normal” like everyone else. Jason and Jessica have a fight, ending with Jason shooting her in the head. Because of the fact she is a vampire, she was fine, but they are no longer on speaking terms. Tara’s mother came into Fangtasia, telling her that she is dead to her. Terry attempts suicide, but is stopped in time by Patrick. Russell, Salome and Nora feed the vampires the ancient blood of Lilith, causing them all to go in a feeding frenzy. Just as things spiral out of control, Eric is visited by a vision of Godric telling him to save his sister. Just as a bit of trivia, this weeks episode is directed by Stephen Moyer, also known as our favorite Vampire King, Bill Compton. What will happen in this episode? Lets talk about it, but beware…There are spoilers ahead!

Andy drags off the intern that Sam caught last week. Luna is worked up in her room, saying they need to kill them off before they kill them. Sam promises that she’ll feel better, and that he’s on it. He leaves for the station, leaving Kevin in front of her room. In her room, Luna talks to herself in anger, ripping out her IV and collapsing to the ground in pain. She then shifts into Sam’s form, swearing and then passes out from the pain.

The Vampires return from Bourbon Street still high and covered in blood.  Eric is in a daze from seeing Godric. Eric grabs Bill, now sober. Eric tells him they were high and Lilith is not what they saw.  They look in a daze at what they have done.

Sookie walks around her yard shooting her fae out from her hands. Jason runs up and stops her. She explains to him that she just wants to be normal, but Jason tells her if she wasn’t special she wouldn’t have met Bill. She tries to brush it off, but he tells her that was something special. He also points out that she can talk to Gran, which is something a “normal” person such as himself can’t do. Jason then argues that having both their mother and father in her makes her special, and that her powers can help them find the vampire that killed their parents.

Luna stands up, still in Sam’s form. She walks past Kevin, swearing at him to mind his own business. She steals clothes from another patient and then walks out of the hospital in search of the real Sam.

Jessica dances in Fangtasia when a fangbanger comes up and begins to hit on her. She dances with him, pulling him into the bathroom.

The vampires sit and bask in the glory of seeing Lilith, except for Bill and Eric. They soberly watch as Russell gives an empowered speech about their religion. Eric tells the group that he has had enough fun for one night, nudging Bill to come with him, but Bill remains in the group. Nora waves sadly at her brother as he exits.

Alcide and Rikki have extracurricular activities. She tells him this doesn’t mean that she is his girlfriend, to which he replies that he never asked her to be. A few moments later he asks, but she only replies with maybe.

Salome rings for Bill in her chambers with a human waiting in the bed. Bill denies her late night snack, angering Salome. Bill tells her that he will not be bullied. Salome asks him if he loved his children why didn’t he didn’t make them vampire with him. We are then flashed back to the days at Bill’s daughter, Sarah’s, death bed. She tells Bill that he appears as she remembers him. Sarah begs to live forever with him. He tells her that immortality is a curse, and refuses to change her to be like him. Back in the present, Salome continues to try and persuade Bill to eat from the crying girl on her bed. With remorse in his eyes he feeds on the girl. Salome thanks Lilith as he feeds and he glares at her while she does so.

Hoyt rides in the back of the pickup of the supernatural haters. They arrive at a home far away everything, where Jessica is silvered in the corner. The Fangbanger from the club was the one of the supernatural haters. They tell Hoyt that she is his present, handing him a gun with wooden bullets. Hoyt tries to fight them off, but they work at convincing him that it will help him heal. They walk away, locking the door behind them.

Sookie and Jason go to talk to the fae about enhancing her powers. Claude tells her to not talk to loudly about vampires. He tells her that he doesn’t know who killed their parents but they are to meet at the bridge where their parents were killed at noon to investigate.

LaFayette speeds away from Jesus’ grandfathers home, lips still bleeding from the stitches. He reaches up to the visor where Jesus’ hospital ID falls out. Pulling over, he finds a vial of vampire blood in the first aid kit, which he uses on his lips. Jesus appears next to him, stoic. LaFayette tells him thank you. They hold hands as they both tear up and drive away.

Andy and Sam talk to the hospital intern. He tells them that he was the only one involved and says that he is,“ One man trying to save America.”  Sam tells Andy to leave them alone for a minute and Andy claims that he’s going to get a cup of coffee. Sam shifts into a snake, staring down the intern. Luna enters the police station still in Sam’s form and explains to him that she can’t shift back.

Claude, Sookie, Jason, Claudette and Claudine go to the site of their parents death to use the energy from the area. Using all the fae power they concentrate on the energy, using Sookie’s mind reading powers as if she was in her mother. They are flashed back to the night where the vampire attacks their parents.  Sookie is blasted from the circle by another fairy in the flashback.

Jessica begs Hoyt not to murder her. Hoyt tells her how she broke his heart and that he had loved her. He asks why she doesn’t love him anymore. Crying, she tells him that she wanted to love him, she even prayed for it to come back, but it just didn’t happen. She tells him that she’s sorry, and he holds the gun to her head. He fires, but when the gaurd comes in to see what happened, Jessica comes from behind and snaps his neck. She thanks Hoyt but he tells her to leave him alone.

Arlene and Holly go to see LaFayette begging for help for Terry. LaFayette tells him that he’s isn’t in the business of helping people anymore. They beg him to be a medium and to fake the reading with Terry so that he believes it is all in his head and  Arlene will have her family back. LaFayette tells him for 300 dollars he will.

Jessica is rescued by Andy, Sam and Luna. There is a woman who lives in the room, only known by the scent, from Sam and Luna.

Claude is in disbelief that Sookie psychically connected with a vampire. Claude says that the Elder is going to be furious with them. Claudine is the fairy who blasted her off. Sookie remembers that the vampires name is Warlow.

Tara serves at the bar when a high school friend named Tracy comes up and orders a martini. Tracy calls her uppity and some racist comments. They get into a heated argument, which Pam breaks up quickly.

The werewolves begin their fight for the Pack, with JD and Alcide. Alcide gets less of an applause. They decide that they are tracking a human, and Alcide backs down. He refuses to kill a human, forfeiting from the tournament. To make it official, JD says he will still hunt the boy down. Alcide calls him a drug addict and murderer, shoving him. JD chokes Alcide, throws him down and walks away. Alcide chases after him.

Nora embraces Eric and tells her that this isn’t her. He tells her this is insane. Eric explains to her that everything that is in this place has clouded her mind, that Lilith doesn’t exist and Salome chose this path for her. Eric tells her of Godric and how their actions have sickened him. Nora backs away from him, smiling, and says that they both loved Godric. She tells him the Godric that appeared was one that was weak and that she would have staked Godric herself in his final days. This causes Eric to attack Nora. She touches her fingers to his mouth saying that Lilith will show him the way.

Luna cries in Sam’s lap, saying that she’s going to die. Luna thinks that Sam hates her, but he swears to her that he doesn’t. He tells her that she’s just a hothead, but he is too. They apologize to each other for the fights they have had in the past. He kisses her forehead, she shifts back to her own form. She cries out in pain and vomits.

Pam approaches Tara, saying they need to talk about her attitude. Bringing her into the basement, Pam shows her Tracy tied up, telling Tara that Tracy is her pet. Pam glamours Tracy and tell her that Tara is her master. Tara happily feeds on Tracy while Pam watches happily from the stairs.

The young kid runs, but is clotheslined by JD. From behind, Alcide tackles JD, telling the kid to run. They fight, in human form, JD overpowering Alcide because of the vampire blood in him. JD then takes a rock and gets ready to kill  him. Martha stops JD, saying that she is standing up for their pack and that he is better than this. He drops the rock, telling Alcide to find himself a new pack.

Terry and Patrick come running into the kitchen where Arlene, Holly and LaFayette are waiting. The group had lied to them to get them to come to the house and this makes the two angry.  Arlene quickly says that LaFayette is there to help. LaFayette puts on a show at first, but then the actual spirit of the woman appears. She tells them she will lift the curse only if she possesses LaFayette’s body first. In his body, she screams something at the group in a foreign language they do not understand. LaFayette regains control of his body, and explains that one of them has to die for them to live. Either Terry has to kill Patrick or Patrick has to kill Terry. Before a decision is made, Patrick bolts from the house.

Hoyt is walking down the street, when a truck stops to help him. He smiles, glad to see a friendly face, but is met with a gun.

Sookie brushes her hair in the mirror when she sees the reflection of Warlow. Warlow tells her that he is coming for her and that she is his.

Eric and Bill are brought into the council, lead my Salome. Steve and Russell flirt at one end of the table while the council convenes. The council talks about killing the mainstreamers. Bill brings up True Blood suggesting to screw politics and bomb the True Blood factories. He explains that it would force the mainstreamers to feed on the humans as they are meant to do. Eric asks Bill what he is doing, which Bill replies “Evolving.”

It was an interesting week, one that I could barely keep my eyes off of. It’s interesting to see Bill flip-flop between sides, and Eric staying strong in his anti-religion stance. I’m not sure if Sookie’s storyline is intriguing to me, but I’m interested to see who Warlow is. I thought it was Russell from the bottom of the face!

Who do you think is pointing a gun at Hoyt? What do you think is going on with Bill, and will he stay the path that he has taken? Do you think Eric will save Nora?

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