Much of the cast of ‘Gotham’ won’t let a little thing like their character’s death get in the way of returning to set. So many, in fact, that it can be hard to keep track of who is living and who is dead in any given episode. We’re here to help with GOTHAM, The Deaths & Resurrections Infographic.


A few observations:

  • It’s unknown how many times Ra’s has died and come back, but given the setting of his flashback death, it’s safe to say he’s taken the Lazarus bath a few times.
  • Both Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne have killed a couple times now. Does that fact that their victims tend to come back allow them to retain “good guy” status?
  • Kristin and Isabella are two different people…I guess…so maybe they shouldn’t be on here. I really don’t know. In a show with established clones and resurrections, the idea that Gotham has two women who just happen to look alike seems like the more unbelievable proposition.
  • Making this graphic made me ask: what is death anyway? If it’s the lack of brain function or a stopped heart, I could have included Nygma’s frozen and defrosted state as a death and resurrection as well. Maybe next time.