The Mandalorian
‘The Mandalorian in Lego by Brick FORCE Studios.

Disney+ has had a massive hit on their hands with ‘The Mandalorian’ and now you can check out a re-creation of one of the show’s trailers done in LEGO! Thanks to the fine folks over at Brick FORCE Studios, we have a couple of minutes of pure enjoyment for you to check out here. With fans having to wait a week between episodes, this is an excellent way to take care of some of that time.

The animation, editing, and VFX were done by Karol Pikuła, while Kamil Adam Janko handled further animation, graphics, and image refining. Finally, the 3D MOC models and landscapes were done by Paweł Kamiński.


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You can check out the trailer recreation right here:

If you’re looking to eyeball the original trailer the creation was based on, you can see it below:

However, If you want to check out the accuracy of the trailer, Brick FORCE Studios also released a side by side video that you can take a look at right here:

I have to say, they were able to re-create the trailer shot by shot so amazingly perfectly. This fan re-creation is extra fun for fans who follow the behind-the-scenes production stories about the first live-action “Star Wars” series.

What did you think of seeing ‘The Mandalorian’ trailer done in Lego? What other upcoming shows or films would you like to see Brick FORCE Studios redo in Lego? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

New episodes of ‘The Mandalorian’ are released on Disney+ every Friday!


Source: Collider