With May being so far away at this point, it’s hard to fathom what’s in store for ‘Smallville’ and ‘Supernatural’ fans when the seasons come to a close. These shows are notorious for leaving so many questions unanswered, making fans sweat until the seasons begin again.

The problem is that this happens to be ‘Smallville’s final season. With no “next season” to look forward to, we can only wonder what’s in store for Clark Kent and his friends. Will he finally embrace his destiny and don the cape and tights? Will he join up with his superhero buddies and start the Justice League? With the CW remaining tight-lipped about what’s to come, it’s impossible to know for sure – although speculating can be fun.

In terms of ‘Supernatural’, fans can take a least a small breath knowing that things look good for a seventh season of their favorite show. Recently Jim Beaver wrote on Twitter that “FYI: There is no word yet on SPN season 7. No one knows yet. It looks good, but no one knows yet. Any other information is bogus.” No news is good news, right? I mean, surely if they were to cancel the series there would’ve already been an announcement….we can hope.

As far as what we can expect to happen, again nobody knows for sure. But it seems as though Sam’s mind is getting itchy to remove the “wall” that Death put in place when he gave Sam back his soul. That can only mean bad news for the Winchester boys if that were to occur.

In any event, both shows will have 2 hour finales taking place in May. ‘Smallville’ will officially end its 10-season run with a two-hour series finale Friday, May 13 at 8pm. The next week, the final two episodes of ‘Supernatural’s sixth season will take over the night starting at 8pm.

‘Supernatural’ fans will probably find it disappointing their show will not air on May 13. Instead, fans will have to take a week off between the 20th episode of season 6 and the two-hour finale to give ‘Smallville’s finale both time slots to run in its entirety.

New episodes of ‘Smallville’ and ‘Supernatural’ are currently airing Fridays at 8pm and 9pm respectively on the CW. It’s not too late to jump in on the action!