Evergreen Media has announced that they have acquired the rights to the 1960’s cartoon series ‘Courageous Cat’ and will be developing it into a contemporary live-action/CGI feature film.

If you’re wondering who is Courageous Cat (as I was), he is an anthropomorphized animal superhero character that was created by Batman creator Bob Kane as a parody of his early works of Batman. Courageous Cat fights crime with his sidekick Minute Mouse where they live in a Cat Cave, is summoned via a Cat Signal, and drives around in their 1960’s stylish Catmobile which can convert into a Catplane or Catboat when needed. Together Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse protect the citizens of Empire City over the likes of villians such as Chauncey “Flat-Face” Frog.

Surprisingly, the Courageous Cat property is only one of two that isn’t owned by DC Comics or Warner Bros. Evergreen Media will be creating a new mythology for the character which makes it sound that they hope to expand this into a franchise. “For years we resisted overtures for the property,” says Debbie Litt, director of  Telefeatures, “however, because of Tony and Evergreen’s longstanding track record of finding great new takes to reboot classic properties we had a significant comfort level in entrusting them with Courageous Cat.”

It will be interesting to see a live version of this cartoon as the campiness of the show is part of the charm. Not really sure if that same campiness will transcend the test of time or survive a live action/CGI treatment (anyone remember the live action version of ‘Underdog?’ Precisely!) If you’re curious to see an episode of ‘Courageous Cat,’ head over to the ‘Courageous Cat’ YouTube channel and see what has Evergreen Media so excited.

I’ll just leave you with the opening credits: