‘Walking Dead’ fans have been teased with news of the arrival of Michonne and the Governor over the last few months but now they have a chance to see them in action as the Season 3 trailer for the show has finally debuted.

The 4 minute trailer promises lots of intense action. What also stood out was the visual dichotomy between the prison where the Grimes Group has taken over and Woodbury where Andrea and Michonne are kept captive.  As mentioned before, the look of David Morissey’s Governor is vastly different than the one seen in the comics. Gone is the dastardly moustache being replaced by the smooth shaven clean cut version. But don’t despair, as executive producer Robert Kirkman has assured “the Governor in the show is definitely going to be the Governor in the comic.” So expect some really great scenes with him and Rick (Andrew Lincoln). And make sure you watch until the very end as a longtime fan favorite character who hasn’t been seen in a while returns!

But the best news of all is that Season 3 of ‘The Walking Dead’ will premiere on Sunday, Oct. 14th, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC. With those who have DISH as their satellite server, unless things change you may be relegated to have to wait until the show hits online the next day since they’ve dropped the AMC network. But if you’re lucky, AMC will do the same thing they did with the ‘Breaking Bad’ premiere and stream it live. Of course there’s still time to change your satellite provider.

Check out the Season 3 ‘The Walking Dead’ trailer below!

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Trailer: