The fifth season of FOX’s ‘Gotham’ is currently in production, with a return to the air scheduled for summer 2019.  Though it hasn’t been made official, this will likely be the final installment of the bonkers Batman prequel series.  But that doesn’t mean that the remaining ten episodes will be devoted strictly to wrapping up loose ends.  At least one new comic book villain will make her live action debut– Magpie.

‘Gotham’ is seeking a female actor in her 30s, of any ethnicity, to portray this crook– whose real name is Margaret “Maggie” Pye– described as being “dressed in black with a quirky attitude, Magpie is a bit of a spread and misfit of a thief who is insanely in love with shiny objects. Things get intense when Magpie decides to steal from Oswald Cobblepot a.k.a. the Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor)!”  The role is that of a guest star, so it doesn’t look as though she will be recurring, much less a series regular.  That means she may appear in as little as one episode.  Considering the fact that Magpie is far from a major villain in the comics, this is fitting.

At Fan Expo Toronto, when asked about some of the episode titles, Lord Taylor expressed:

“All I can say is I hope so.  Because every time we have a new villain, especially one like Bane, who is coming in, and we’re also introducing Magpie this year, which is really exciting.  But again, anytime he interacts with these characters, it changes him and makes his character more interesting, and it gives him something to overcome.  That’s part of getting deeper into the character, how he’s affected by these other incredible characters that are in the Batman universe.”

No casting has been announced for Magpie, but we do know that King Snake, played by Shane West, will be added to the mix this year.  King Snake is the father of Bane, which Lord Taylor referenced.  Could Bane really be entering the picture so much earlier than he should?

‘Gotham’ returns for its ten-episode fifth season on FOX next year.  After that… ?

Source: That Hashtag Show