TV adaptations of comic books are now a hot ticket for networks and with the success of ‘The Walking Dead,’ AMC is going back and bringing ‘Preacher’ into the fold. Last night during the ‘Preacher’ WonderCon panel,  AMC released a first-look photo of the show’s unforgettable character Eugene, aka “Arseface”, portrayed by Ian Colletti (‘Jimmy,’ ‘Rake’).

In the comics, Eugene was the object of bullies and abused by his father, the town’s Sheriff. He attempted to kill himself – just like his idol Kurt Cobain did – and put a shotgun under his chin, but instead of getting the job done, the bullet severely deforms his face instead. His nickname came from Cassidy who states that his face looks like an “arse” (which for those not in the know is British for ass).

In the series, Arseface will join Custer on his mission to find God in hopes that the deity can forgive him for trying to commit suicide.

Many fans of the comic having been hoping the make up department for the series will do the character’s appearance justice, and now we have an official image to determine if they did:

Arseface_WonderCon_ Preacher Ian Colletti

Not as gruesome as in the comics but it does look good. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

‘Preacher’ is a supernatural, twisted and darkly comedic drama that follows a West Texas preacher named Jesse Custer, who is inhabited by a mysterious entity that causes him to develop a highly unusual power. A tough Texas preacher who has lost his faith, Jesse has learned that God has left Heaven and abandoned his responsibilities. He finds himself the only person capable of tracking God down and is demanding answers, making Him answer for his dereliction of duty. Accompanying Jesse on his journey is his former girlfriend and a friendly vampire who seems to prefer a pint in the pub to the blood of the innocent. During their quest, they are thrust into a crazy world populated by a cast of characters from Heaven, Hell and everywhere in between.

‘Preacher’ stars Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy, Ruth Negga as Tulip, Lucy Griffiths as Emily, W. Earl Brown as Sherriff Root, Anatol Yusef as DeBlanc, Tom Brooke as Fiore, Derek Wilson as Donnie Schenck and Ian Colletti as Eugene/Arseface. The series is slated to premiere on Sunday, May 22 at 10pm ET/PT on AMC.