Welcome back my darling Faenatics! Last week – Bo came to grips with Ciara and finally admitted she liked her – not like as in succubus kind of like but at least she’s not the enemy. The Ash was creepy again and Kenzi had fabulous shoes!

Here there be SPOILERS….

The gals are up early. (I wonder what early is for them? 12? 1? Maybe 3?) Kenzi’s got a family gathering to attend while Bo has pavement to hit for a run. But wait, something is a foot! As soon as Bo leaves Kenzi gets on the phone with someone and says, “She’s totally clueless. We’re on.”

Cut to the Light Fae compound – Lauren is brought before the Ash. He wants her to go back to work. Lauren’s attitude hasn’t gotten any better after four days in a dungeon. (Can you blame her? The dampness is hell on the hair!) In fact she’s SO ticked off she’s ready to pack her bags and head for the Morrigan. He makes it clear that would be a dangerous idea. He didn’t call her in to argue. He’s read the former Ash’s journals and he knows who placed the curse on Nadia. It was, in fact, the former Ash. This new information sparks an even deeper fire of hate in Lauren. She’s ready to burn the compound to the ground before she works for them again. But wait, there’s more! Lachlan knows where the Dark Fae Shaman is that placed the curse. Lauren has no choice but to go back to work. (Poor Lauren!)

At the Dal – Kenzi hits up Hale for cash and a cake. Looks like our fae-shionista is planning a big shindig for Bo. She’s even got Trick providing the booze. Before they can get more into Kenzi’s crazy plans, Bo arrives. She tries drum up idle chit chat and asks about everyone’s plans for the weekend. They all seem o be doing something so she plans to touch base with Lauren. And speak of the devil – Lauren calls her first. Unfortunately its actually Lachlan. She has been summoned.

Lachlan tries to be civilized but Bo has no patience for it these days so he comes to the point of his summons. He wants Bo to go to the Congo to talk to the Dark Fae Tshombe about lifting the curse on the nail that binds Nadia. There are two conditions: she can’t see Lauren before she leaves and she can never tell her what she’s done. He hands her some pile of poo about it only working of it’s a selfless act. (I don’t think he wants Lauren to know because he’ll lose his grip of fear over her.)

Kenzi scores on the party favors! Her cousin’s “acquired” a shipment of digital cameras “hot” off the boat from Japan. Hale doesn’t want to know. Kenzi skirts the subject by taking a look at the cake “Happy Birthday Bo!” So it’s a birthday party that getting planned! Bo swoops in to pick up a few things – like a sword – and bolt back out. She tells Kenz she’s off to Africa, can’t talk now, gotta run, bye.

Bo arrives at the travel agent the Ash arranged. She greeted by the quirky yet chipper travel agent Peggy. She nonchalantly informs Bo that she will be folding the earth to get her to Congo. After signing an injury waiver and a “happy trails” Bo is POOF in front of a hut in the Congo. She finds a semiconscious Tshombe lying on the floor. He points out a massive nail covered pole in the center of the room.  He makes a point that, “Who is to say the world is not a better place?” The previous Ash paid handsomely for this curse. Several hundred Fae were cured with this one curse. The end justifies the means. The price to remove the nail? Recover a stolen mask. (Sounds like an easy job for Bo.) The catch? Bo’s got to hurry. Tshombe is fading fast and may not survive the night.

Back at the succu-mansion Kenzi is auditioning bands for the shindig and the last one is a wee bit to heavy on the metal. One last guy comes knocking – a blast from Kenzi’s past. The guy’s name is Nate and they used to be childhood friends.

At the Dal – Dyson is lamenting with the fact that Ciara is house hunting. Her idea of a house is our idea of a castle. Trick’s not seeing the problem. Bo storms in seeking help on a preta. Trick suggests backup. They’re extremely greedy creatures. They have a fault though – they’re never satisfied. This particular preta that Bo is hunting collects treasures and lives in Madagascar. In order to get an item from it Bo will have to trade something of equal value. Trick gives her a bracelet from his wife. (OMG that just broke my heart a little! He’s willing to give that up for Bo? AAWWW!) Dyson’s going with Bo as backup.

Hale and Kenzi tote in a ginormous box that’s supposed to hold cameras but instead it’s got a bunch of Maneki-neko – those cute but creepy luck cats with the paw that swings. (WHOAH! This is the second time those things have come up in one of my recaps. What makes it even creepier is I first wrote about them during ‘Touch’ and if you know anything about ‘Touch’ you know that all things are threaded together. So does this mean Kiefer Sutherland is going to be Bo’s next hook-up?!?! Ya probably not.) But wait! Things get even worse when Kenzi takes a taste test of the cake icing! She finds a worm! Gross! Gross! GROSS! Hale should have known better than to use an organic Fae bakery! (Come on Kenzi! What’s a worm? You’ve eaten human foot soup! Nothing can be as gross as that!! Ok ya a wiggly maggot can be as gross. Shudder!)

Bo and Dyson are back at the chipper travel agency. Peggy gets them to Madagascar in record time – seconds even. She even gets them directly into the catacombs. The Preta greets them at the door. He seems like a quiet harmless Asian man. But he turns out to be extremely bitter. In order to enjoy an object he must touch it but unfortunately whatever he touches turns to sand. He asks Bo to place the bracelet on a table and warns her not to touch the sand – it retains the same destructive quality as his touch. It’s everywhere. Bo must tread wisely.

Meanwhile, Lauren visits Nadia. She lovingly tells Nadia that there may be hope to end the long sleep. (Alright here we go again… yes Lauren is over the rainbow sweet and truly loves Nadia but that love just makes me even more ticked at how she uses Bo to get what she wants! UGH!)

Back at in the catacombs – The Preta points out the mask. All Bo has to do is go get it. There are large piles of sand everywhere! Bo begins to pick a path through the piles. Dyson notices a pile of cloth on the floor; the same cloth the Peta is wearing. It doesn’t disintegrate to his touch. He tosses it to Bo to use. The Preta is not playing fair now! He opens the door to the room that allows a wind to kick up sand. The sand is swirling all around Bo! Bo tries to chuck a knife at his head but is just turns to sand as it touches him. Bo seeks cover under the robe as Dyson starts to chuck random treasures at the Preta. At first the Preta laughs because they won’t do him any harm but then Dyson’s true plan sinks in – the Preta is being forced to destroy his beloved treasures! Oh he’s scared now! Dyson picks up a rather heavy Michelangelo bust and tosses it. The weight makes the Preta fall and thereby making him accidentally touch the bracelet disintegrating it. Dyson is able to get the door closed to stop the wind Bo is able to retrieve the mask. Before they leave Bo scoops up a handful of bracelet sand.

At the succu-mansion – Kenzi is getting a sweet serenade from Nate. He is an amazing singer! It has to be karma that they’ve met again after all these years. Kenzi admits to being a head-over-heels in love six year old when last they saw each other. Nate gets a little sheepish and asks if Kenzi is seeing anyone. She would be nuts to say she was so luckily she’s not nuts.

Bo nearly reaches across the counter and strangers the perky Peggy when they return to the travel agency. No time for games, she has to get back to the Congo! Skipping the frequently flyer plan with the free t-shirt… POOF Bo is in the Congo again. Tshombe is out cold on the floor. She quickly places the mask on the old man’s face. It disappears into his skin and he thankfully wakes. In return for saving his life he gives her a glowing hammer to remove the nail. As she begins to remove it Nadia starts glowing back at the lab and wakes! (She is SO gorgeous!) Bo doesn’t stop at just that one nail. Other nails cannot be removed but she does it anyway! Bo wants to help the innocent. He warns her that not all of these curses are on innocent people – one is for a man that beats his wife and children, another is a traitor that led his soldiers into battle to be slaughtered. Bo decides that neither of them have the right to be judge and jury so she dumps the bracelet sand on his box of nails, disintegrating them.

Bo debriefs the Ash and asks if it worked. He believes she can find her way back up to Nadia’s room without the help of a gurney and body bag. (Busted!)  She thanks him and he warns her to keep that in mind in days to come. (Rut roh! What’s going to happen?)

Bo finds Nadia and Lauren making out happily in the lab. (UGH! What a massive punch to the gut! She risked her LIFE for this?!)

Bo returns to the succu-mansion to find… SURPRISE!!! Streamers and balloons and a band and ALL of the Scooby gang! Kenzi is kickin it on the drums even!! Dyson gives her a knife as gift “a girl can never have enough shiny pointy objects right?” And look who shows up – Lauren, with a fresh and awake Nadia on her arm! Bo just walks away as everyone begins introducing themselves. Lauren got her a little something – throwing stars. (These people really know Bo!) Next is Trick’s gift – an antique walking stick with a hidden blade – this too was his wife’s. A stranger walks up with a gift – a beautiful gold bracelet with an inscription in runes – he’s delivering it on behalf of another. (Ooooo a mystery!)

In the morning Bo walks around an empty trashed living room until Kenzi arrives with java. Kenzi runs down the previous day’s event and they both ponder the strangeness of talk dark and weapons of mass destruction handsome guy. Kenzi almost forgot her present! No weapons – it’s a sketchbook full of drawings of the party. Nate is fabulously talented.

At the Light Fae compound – Lauren is astonished at the recovery and is extremely grateful. She kneels before him and reaffirms her commitment to the Ash. (I don’t like this at all! That man can NOT be trusted!!!)

Well! That was a lot better than recent episodes! It was completely heart wrenching for Bo but wow was it packed full of Fae fun! What did the Ash mean about “days to come?” What is that wicked man up to? I guess we also learned Light doesn’t necessarily mean good by not only Lachlan’s action but also the previous Ash’s. And now it seems Bo is all alone! Dyson has Ciara. Lauren has Nadia. Kenzi has Nate. Poor Bo!

What did y’all think? Where do you think they are heading in this story?

Stay Fae y’all!

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