AMC’s talk show ‘The Talking Dead’ is a mixed bag. Hosted by Chris Hardwick, it’s basically celebrities talking about the various episodes of the show. Some of them, like when Kevin Smith or Brian Posehn were on, were brilliant while others… not so much. But one thing that  ‘Talking Dead’ can always be counted on for is fresh new clips from upcoming episodes.

This past weekend, AMC held a ‘Walking Dead’ marathon of the second season of the show topped off by a special episode of ‘Talking Dead’. As usual, the show premiered a new clip from an as of yet unaired episode. In this case, it gives us our first look at Danai Gurira as the katana wielding badass Michonne in action. We’ve seen Danai as Michonne in images before but nothing compares to this sword-slinging clip!

How sweet is that? Danai definitely has the Michonne look down pat. Let’s just hope, with all of the talk of season 3 veering further and further from the comic’s storyline that the character stays around for a while.


Sorry everyone, the video has been taken down. We’ve searched extensively and it seems any user that put that video up had the same issue of it being taken down. If we find it, we’ll get it up as soon as possible!