If the last episode didn’t leave you gasping, get ready for more as the season finale of ‘American Horror Story’ airs tonight. (By the way, if you missed last week’s episode, you can read the ‘Birth’ recap here).

Who knew that the man who brought us the toe tapping comedic hijinks of a bunch of high school glee members would have the demented mind to torment us each week with a house that carries layers and layers of gruesome and horrific history? But that’s ‘American Horror Story’ for you and tonight we’ll see what happens in ‘Afterbirth.’

Now that Ben knows the rules of the house (thanks to Violet), will he take the child that Constance stole and leave? Will he be content knowing the fate of Violet and Vivian? Will the house allow him to leave? And what mind boggling cliff hanger will the show leave us with until next season?

I hear there will be a shocking death, a surprising reappearance and someone you didn’t expect wearing the rubber suit in this episode! The finale will be 90 minutes long so get ready! And to get you ready for tonight, check out the promo clip below. If you need to see more head on over to Entertainment Weekly for some actual scene footage of tonight’s episode.

‘American Horror Story’ airs on FX tonight at 10pm ET/PT and don’t forget to read our recap of the episode tomorrow!