Welcome back rebels! Since the beginning of season 1 we’ve known about the harnesses. We’ve even been given a small taste of why the children are harnessed. But last week we finally got to see HOW they are harnessed. What does this week hold? Let’s find out…


Holy other world creepiness!! Skitters all over the city are screeching at the sunrise with up lifted arms! Even ol’ Red Eye is pulling a devotional. It gets even creepier when Ben busts onto a roof and does the same damn thing! (This can’t be good!)

Contrary to the loud roaring we find Maggie quietly sitting with her eyes closed listening to Hal blunder up behind her. Their peaceful moment doesn’t last long though. A massive explosion rocks the city below. This sends the entire 2nd Mass into action. Weaver sends the Berserkers ahead to investigate and give backup to any resistance group that might be involved. Tom gives Matt a rifle and charges him with guarding the med bus. (Kids gotta grow up fast in an alien invasion.)

Tom and the Berserkers arrive too late. They find a hell of a lot of dead Skitters and blasted Mechs. Funny thing is they can’t find any human involvement – no spent shells, no human bodies. All of the kill shots were made from other Mechs. (Well isn’t this a crazy turn of events.) While looking around Hal sees glowing blue lights under a dead Skitter. Ben! When they get the carcass moved it’s not Ben under there; it’s Rick! (I thought he died?!?!)

Weaver wants Dr. Glass to let him know when Rick wakes up. He doesn’t trust the kid. (Can you blame him? Last season Rick ran off to the Skitters and told them everything about the 2nd Mass.) He’s not the most trust worthy kid. I see Dr. Glass’s point that the harness made him do it but he’s still got the spikes in his back so it’s probably safer to keep him from running around unattended. As Weaver’s leaving he steps wrong on his injured leg and yelps a bit. Dr. Weaver has to order the stubborn man to sit so she can take a look. EEEWWW! I knew that harness bite from last episode wasn’t good! His leg looks like a massive puss factory! Dr. Glass cleans it up and gives him another dose of antibiotics. Weaver just sits and grumbles.

Hal finally spills the beans to his dad about Ben’s glowing back. Tom is justifiably ticked that Hal didn’t tell him sooner.

Rick wakes and he’s frantic. He’s worried about Ben; he was injured earlier but he lost him. He thinks he can find him though. Tom’s willing to chance it but Weaver’s apprehensive. Tom’s just as stubborn as Weaver so he wins in the end.

Tom, Weaver, Dai and a few Berserkers follow Rick into the city. Rick catches Ben on his blue glow radar and takes off running. They find blood in a back alley that leads into a building. Then they find Ben but he’s not the one bleeding. HOLY frak!! It’s ol’ Red Eye! Ben points his gun at his own dad to protect a Skitter! Tom remembers this particular Cootie. Red Eye begins to talk through Rick. He reminds Tom that he was the one that saved him from the Overlords. (Well he did let Tom go when he slaughtered all of those other folks during their “release” so I guess you could call that saving.) He also says they are all on the same side, that he and others are fighting the Overlords. And then he passes out. Weaver wants it dead. Tom wants it as a prisoner. (Who’s going to win this latest pissing contest?) Tom argues that it will be useful in Charleston. (Only good Skitter is a dead Skitter. This ALL seems wrong. Tom isn’t acting like Tom.) Weaver reluctantly agrees.

Hal’s leading a hospital scouting team when some Mechs spoil the party. Hal and Maggie duck into a car to hide. (aaaaw aren’t they sweet!)

Tom and Weaver return to the 2nd Mass with ol’ Red Eye. Ben begs Dr. Glass to patch him up. Seriously?! Dr. Glass barely has enough med supplies for the humans! She certainly doesn’t want to waste anything on a bug! Tom asks her to do the absolute minimum to keep it alive; they need it.

Tom then pulls Ben aside to get to the bottom of the glowing. He’s obviously hurt that Ben didn’t tell him sooner but he’s willing to hear Ben out on this whole rebellion thing. Some of the Skitters have been building a resistance to the harness control. They’ve been trying to break free for over 100 years but have always failed. They think they may have a chance this time. Tom’s not buying it. He knows how these things have worked in history. Red Eye thinks the only way they can win is to ally with the human resistance.

Hal recounts his first piece of crap car. Everyone razzed him about it but it was the best place to catch some privacy with a girl. It was his mini bachelor pad. He remembers the first girl he ever got busy with in it – Rita. She was a jazz dancer and all he remembers is how hot she was on stage in her stretch jazz pants. Maggie, “love at first sight of jazz pants.” During this entire totally adorbs story he and Maggie are still cuddled up in the floorboards watching Mechs march by. Soon enough the coast is clear for them to leave.

Red Eye wakes and wants to talk to Tom – alone. Tom’s willing to talk but he wants to get to the point. Unfortunately there isn’t much time to do it. Red Eye informs him that a death squad is on its way to kill him and all of the 2nd Mass.

The scouts find another hospital. This time its chuck full of everything they need – meds, bandages, clean sheets. They decide to bed down for the night on those nice clean beds. Maggie, however, won’t go inside. She spent too much time in hospitals growing up. She battled brain cancer with three surgeries. The moment turns tender when Hal leans over to kiss her. Maggie doesn’t do tender. The kiss wigs her out so she bolts.

Tom does not believe a word Red Eye says. At gun point the Skitter finally tells the history of his planet. The Overlords invaded their planet and enslaved them just as they are doing to the humans. He admires the tenacity of the humans and together they can overthrow the Overlords. Tom doesn’t think the Skitters feel remorse but Red Eye disagrees; he feels deep remorse for all that has happened. Finally he gives Tom an ultimatum: join him because he knows the battle plans of the Overlords or die.

The morning brings lots of awkward between Hal and Maggie. She nips it in the bud though. Whatever is going on has to stop. They’re partners, that’s all. That certainly pisses off Hal. (I’m sorry but weren’t you all woogly over Karen? How soon you forget her now that she’s harnessed.)

The scouts fall under attack by the death squad as they near the camp. Maggie is hit so Hal goes back to get her.

Weaver arrives to kill Red Eye but Tom, Ben and Rick stand between him. It turns into a massive pissing contest. While they’re arguing Red Eye busts out of his cage and takes off up the ceiling. Rick takes a bullet for him as he escapes.

Hal gets Maggie to the med bus but they’ve gotta move. Hal offers to drive the bus while Dr. Glass tends to Maggie’s wounds.

Rick (or is it Red Eye?) begs Ben to get Tom to believe. Ben wants to run off to help Red Eye but Tom needs him more. (Decisions decisions – help your alien father figure or help your father? What are you going to do Ben?)

The 2nd Mass moves to the hospital the scouts found earlier. Dr. Glass was able to patch up Maggie so Hal pays her a visit. She wants to know why Hal came back for her. He admits he needs her. They’re partners. They’ve got each other’s back. AAAAW Hal almost admits he loves her! (It’s that ubber sweet awkward moment when you know you want to say it but you’re too scared.) Maggie doesn’t do love but she asks him to stay till she falls asleep. (She just might be breaking down! I love that Dr. Glass and Tom have hooked up but these two get me giddy as a school girl!)

Speaking of Dr. Glass – she’s giving Weaver yet another shot. It’s a sedative this time – she had to trick him into it. The man needs to rest.

Tom arrives to take a verbal lickin. Weaver is pissed as hell. Tom apologizes and Weaver accepts. With that said, he’s concerned about the risk Ben poses to the 2nd Mass. Tom’s been worried too but it’s his son. Weaver asks if Tom will be able to make the hard choice when the time comes. Tom doesn’t know. The conversation ends with the two admitting they respect each other. Things didn’t start out that way but they’ve been through a lot together.

Little M&M joins Ben on the roof. Ben confides in him that he’s going to have to go away for a while at some point. He keeps looking to the sky as he speaks. (I do believe Ben is going to the stars.)

WOW! What an episode! The season thus far has been pretty darn boring but they sure hit us from left field tonight! I’m still not 100% sure of Tom. I just don’t trust the fact that he spent time on the alien ship AND had a little stow-away. I almost trust Ben more than his dad right now. And where the hell is Pope?! He’s my voice of reason in this show. Of course if he was around in this episode that Skitter would have been a splat on the wall and we wouldn’t have learned about the up rise in the Skitter ranks. What do y’all think?

Keep the resistance strong!

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