This week, the wrath of the Skrull Infiltration continues as Ms. Marvel is called upon to stop it.

We start off in space, as a ship breaks in to Earth’s atmosphere with Ms. Marvel hot on its trail. She communicates with SWORD, who says the ship hyperjumped into the atmosphere and has ignored all warnings. When Carol asks for an ID, she is told it’s a Skrull ship. She activates her Avengers card and chases after it. The ship crash lands in Wakanda, and when she approaches it, ready to fight, the ship opens its cargo doors, only to reveal- the entire Avengers team. “We made it home.” says what appears to be Tony Stark.

Carol is more than skeptical of what she’s looking at, even though, yeah, it seems to be the real deal. (Everyone is already realistically snarking at each other.)  But some of them don’t seem to recognize her, as in, they don’t know her yet. When Carol asks Tony where they’ve been, he takes the story all the way back to the end of season one, when they saved Asgard and the rest of reality. They got back to the mansion and were attacked by Skrulls and taken aboard one of their ships. They were kept in a prison ship for months, until the Hulk was able to break loose. Eventually they hijacked a ship and made their way back to Earth. When Jan asks what’s been happening while they were away, Carol isn’t quite prepared to answer, still unsure of whether or not to believe them. Off in the distance, they are watched by Wakandan soldiers.

At his home in Malibu, the real (?) Tony is blissfully ignoring both his Avengers card and multiple phone calls from Pepper. “I might remind you that you haven’t taken off your armor in that time. Or showered.” JARVIS reminds him. He runs another test on a holographic device he’s created, which scans a map of the world for extraterrestrial bio-signatures. It fails, because Tony doesn’t have a test subject. “Either I’ve failed again, or I’m becoming a crazy paranoid. Not sure which is worse.” From behind him, someone begins to cut through Tony’s walls. The walls are blasted in and none other than Doctor Doom stands hovering over Tony. “I would like a word with you.”

Back in Wakanda, Carol is still trying to decipher if these Avengers are real or not. They tell her that the Skrulls want the vibranium mound that T’Challa’s people protect. But she seems to play along it. “I thought I was going crazy, I didn’t know who to trust.” “The Avengers are back now, Carol.” Tony reassures her.

There’s a board covered in pictures of superheroes, some of them crossed out (Iron Man) and some of them circled. A lot of them are characters we’ve never seen in this show yet- Spider-Man, The Scarlet Witch, Wolverine and several other X-Men. Nick Fury stares at the board, trying to figure out who he can still trust. Daisy Johnson (aka Quake) comes up from behind and addresses him. “I’m not director of SHIELD anymore, Daisy.” he says. “Understood, Director. I need to tell you about something SHIELD’s been keeping quiet.” She tells him about how the Hulk was turned over to General Ross and the Hulkbuster squad four days ago, but he seems to be completely off the grid.

Back in Wakanda, Carol and the Avengers are approached by T’Challa (potentially the real one, this is gonna get confusing fast), and two of the Dora Milajae wielding vibranum weaponry. He tells them that it doesn’t matter if they’re human or Skrull, he’ll do what he must to protect Wakanda. Natch, the other Black Panther accuses him of being a Skrull. Before Carol can try to figure it out, a fight begins, and T’Challa already has the upper hand with not only his own brand of robotic warriors, but some updated vibranium cannons and weapons.

Tony attempts to attack Doom, who is just so not bothered as he deflects all of Tony’s repulsor blasts. He tells Tony that he better cut it out if he’s going to help him chase down the Skrulls. Apparently Doom had figured out how to find them, but in his clash with the Avengers (waaaaay back at the beginning of the season), Tony destroyed his scanner. Tony asks why he wants to help him. “This world is mine to rule, and mine alone. There reptiles may not have it.” He gives Tony a computer chip that will reset his scanner to be able to detect the Skrull genetic code. “So now what, you gonna fight them with me?” Tony asks. “That would be beneath me. Such chores are for people like you are for.”

Nick Fury is watching the footage of Skrull-Cap handing the Hulk over to the US Military. (Ugh, it still hurts to watch. Watching Bruce Banner scream at Cap for help is just…it makes me sad.) Nick Fury immediately knows somethings up. “He told the Hulk to surrender, even though the Hulk claimed to be innocent of the Helicarrier attack. And then he hung him out to dry?” He begins to point out other un-Caplike-behavior, which includes attacking the Kree when they were told to surrender. He tells Daisy to call in Black Widow. He wants her to bring in Iron Man,

The battle in Wakanda continues, and the Avengers seem to have all their powers intact. The fight is almost evenly matched, but at one point, Hawkeye gets the jump on T’Challa, ready to take him out. At the last second, Hawkeye is electrocuted by none other than….Hawkeye, who is followed by Wasp. “Avengers Assemble!…buuut only the human ones.” she says.

Tony finished wiring Doom’s microchip into his suit and it integrates itself seamlessly. “Hmm. JARVIS, I think we may need to put Doctor Doom on the Christmas card list.” Before he can test it out, Black Widow appears and tells him that Fury needs to see him.

In Wakanda, things are getting messy. Wasp is fighting Wasp, Hawkeye is fighting Hawkeye and Black Panther is fighting Black Panther. Iron Man tells everyone to target T’Challa (the one wearing the cape), and Thor raises Mjolnir, ready to attack, when he’s shot down by a vibranium-powered tank. The hammer breaks apart as it falls and Carol finds a Skrull in Thor’s armor lying in the crater. She realizes that the “Avengers” are the true imposters. And she’s not pleased. She begins leveling the playing field with her super-powered photon blasts, while the rest of the real Avengers and T’Challa’s robots, get to work. Jan takes out the Skrull version of Hank with a swift punch. “That felt kinda good.” Carol man ages to get the Iron Man Skrull down and asks what it wants. “Only what is promised to us. We are everywhere. You will see.” They finish off the rest of the Skrulls and want to return to New York. T’Challa resists, saying his duty is to his people, and that even now, they still can’t trust each other. “I don’t care who we can trust. The Earth’s in danger, it’s our job to save it. That’s what Avengers do, right?” Carol argues.

At Fury’s hideout, Tony tells Fury about his new Skrull-detector, but Fury seems to be distracted. “She was supposed to do surveillance on SHIELD. She should have told me about the Hulk’s attack on the helicarrier.” he says, looking at a picture of Mockingbird. Suddenly, Quake and Black Widow are taken out by a blaster, along with Fury. It’s Skrull-Mockingbird. Tony warns her against firing the gun at his armor. “I know. I know everything there is to know about your armor. That’s how we were able to upload the virus.” Suddenly, Tony’s armor begins to short circuit and malfunction and Tony is unable to stop the alien virus. “You’re a dangerous man, Anthony. But we have no wish for you to suffer. These things are as they are written.” She gets on a comm device. “Iron Man and Nick Fury have been dealt with. Commence with the invasion.” In space, Skrull ships make their way towards Earth.

Not much to say about this one. Like the “Prisoner of War” episode, this is just putting the rest of the puzzle pieces in place before the Skrull Infiltration really begins. Although I’ll never pass up a chance to see Ms. Marvel lay down the law. The whole “Are these the real Avengers” gambit was actually, for the most part, kind of convincing, in an almost maddening way, and they played it off pretty well. At this point, I’m ready for the Skrull Invasion to be over and done with, because fourty different episodes of “CAN I TRUST YOU?” are starting to wear a bit, and I know that this season’s later episodes promise some new character interactions, as well as some payoff on the Red Hulk and Winter Soldier storylines. So these green fiends need to get the boot.

Also, as reported here, apparently, although still unofficially “not canceled”, EMH will not be appearing at San Diego Comic-Con at Marvel’s Animation Line-Up, so sorry to say, this show’s probably done for good and this will be the last season. I really wish it were not so. Are you ready for the Skrull Invasion?