J.J. Abrams has been very secretive with regards to any information about his film ‘Star Trek 2,’ (after all, he did build a barricade to stop paparazzi from snapping photos on one location shoot) so any material coming out about the movie is pounced upon like a hungry lion on an injured gazelle. So is it any surprise that a comment from Karl Urban regarding Benedict Cumberbatch’s role be met with any less enthusiasm?

(At this point, I must add the obligatory “SPOILERS WARNING” for those who wish to know nothing about the upcoming ‘Star Trek’ sequel. So if you don’t want to read anything about the film, then you know the drill.)

During a press junket for his upcoming film, ‘Dredd,’ Urban (who plays Dr. “Bones” McCoy in the still yet untitled ‘Star Trek’ sequel) was asked about his experience working with Cumberbatch. His response:

“He’s awesome, he’s a great addition, and I think his Gary Mitchell is going to be exemplary.”

Yes, reread that again! Urban had revealed the name of Cumberbatch’s villainous role! Of course, Urban could be just playing around with the media and just let that bit of spoilery information out as a red herring. After all, for several months now there’s been rampant speculation that Cumberbatch was actually Khan even though Simon Pegg (Scotty in the film) has already emphatically denied this. Producer/writer Roberto Orci got into the mix and as recently as 2 weeks ago had named five characters who would not be in the sequel on the ‘Ask Mr. Kern’ radio show: Gary Mitchell, Charlie X, Ruk, Janice Rand, and The Borg.

Gary Mitchell would be a great villain for the film and would explain why Cumberbatch was wearing what looks like a Starfleet uniform in some of the photos that have already been leaked. Mitchell was one of the first villains in the original series and was featured in the episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” Mitchell attended the Starfleet Academy with Kirk and when the two went on a mission, he was hit by a galactic barrier that gave him some godlike powers (telekinesis, telepathy, the ability to manipulate matter). Mitchell became violent and dangerous and in a final showdown on Delta Vega, Kirk was able to defeat him.

So whether or not Cumberbatch is truly Mitchell or if this is just a way to deter the Khan rumors, we’ll just have to wait and see but it is a fascinating development for Trekkies and one that will surely be highly debated.

‘Star Trek’ – Kirk and Mitchell’s Fight to the Death:

Source: SFX