In the last issue, we were given a preview of what Mister Sinister had in store for the X-Men once they came knocking on his door. Now, in this issue, the newly enhanced Scott Summers and the rest of the Phoenix Five are about ready to play with their old foe that now has an entire species to back him up.

While the war within a war that’s being set up with Sinister is probably going to be the main event of this three issue story arc, I’m more interested to see how the rest of the X-Men feel about taking a back seat to the Phoenix Five. After Cyclops makes the call to go after Sinister, they leave Magneto, Danger, Psylocke, and Storm behind in Utopia so as to not “endanger themselves”. I sense that resentment could be building within the non-Phoenix members of the team, especially with Magneto and Storm, who are both extremely powerful forces on their own, so I’ll be anxiously waiting to see that whole thing blow up.

We’re also reminded that Danger is under the control of her prisoner Unit. I’m sure that will play out in the coming issues as well, but to me, it almost seems like the X-Men’s version of Ultron. He messed up a number of days for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but there was one time recently in, I believe, ‘Mighty Avengers’ where Ultron took over Jacosta in an attempt to destroy the team. I know that stories are often rehashed, but we don’t need another Ultron. There’s other good stuff going on in this title that needs exploration first.

Overall, it’s a good start for an arc. We’ll see how good it gets with the next issue, but I’d say to pick it up just to see what the Phoenix Five have to deal with when they’re not dealing with The Avengers.

Verdict: Buy
Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Daniel Acuna