Adult and Young Blue Ear with Hawkeye, courtesy of artist Manny Mederos

In Salem, Massachusetts, Christina D’Allesandro’s four year-old son, Anthony Smith was born with Mosaic Trisomy 22, a rare chromosonal disorder that left him with severe hearing loss, but by using a blue hearing aid, which Anthony dubbed “blue ears,” the boy was able to speak and attend school.  So understandably, D’Allesandro was distraught when Anthony informed her that he no longer wanted to wear the devices because “superheroes don’t wear blue ears.”  That’s right, this young superhero fanatic felt so outcast from these icons that he was willing to forego his hearing to be more like them.

D’Allesandro emailed Marvel Comics and they promptly responded by sending her first an image of Hawkeye, one of the famed Avengers, who lost most of his hearing in battle and wears hearing aids to compensate.  They didn’t stop there, either.  They then sent an original black and white drawing of Hawkeye with Anthony, dressed as a hero called Blue Ear!  Explains artist Manny Mederos, “He could grow up and work alongside Hawkeye and The Avengers one day.”

Four Year-Old Anthony Smith wearing his "Blue Ears."

Finally, they crafted the full color illustration of Blue Ear as an adult hero, above.  Anthony was so excited, he took his artwork to his preschool, which declared a “Superhero Week.”  D’Allesandro states that, “Even when he complains about the discomfort, I tell him he has to hear people calling for help. He gets the whole connection. He’s loving it.”  He even has a custom replica costume on its way!

So for once, a superhero didn’t inspire a young boy… a young boy inspired a superhero!  Hey Marvel!  When will Blue Ear show up in an actual comic?  Fans, we need to make this happen!  Or maybe even get him a spot on “Superhero Squad!”

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Source: FOX News