wizard world philadelphia 2016

The summer is here and with it comes our favorite time of year, convention season! The spring and summer season is always ripe with comic and sci-fi conventions for fanboys and fangirls alike to geek out together over all of the things they love! One of the biggest aspects of any convention in this day and age are the number of cosplayers that turn up in droves to show off their favorite new costumes that they’ve been working away on. Whether it’s something as simple as a plain-clothes character or something as elaborate as a full suit of armor, cosplayers are known to take things to the limit to make sure they are as accurate to their characters as possible when bringing them to life.

This weekend we’re coming to you live from Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2017 to bring you a look at some of our favorite cosplays from the convention floor! In our first gallery here we’ve got fan favorite characters from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Star Wars, Final Fantasy, Disney, Cartoon Network, and so much more! Check out Part One of our Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2017 Cosplay Gallery below!




belle gaston

Belle & Gaston

black canary

Black Canary

bluntman chronis cockknocker

Bluntman, Chronic, & C*ckKnocker

bombshells jesse quick dr midnight

DC Bombshells Jesse Quick & Dr. Midnight


Cersei Lannister

cyclops psylock

Cyclops & Warbird

dr strange

Dr. Strange

harley red hood

Harley Quinn & The Red Hood

hera sabine

Hera & Sabine

kim possible shego

Kim Possible & Shego

kung fury

Kung Fury

luke cage

Luke Cage




Marty McFly

nelson murdock jessica jones

Foggy Nelson, Matt Murdock, & Jessica Jones

poison ivy harley

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy

power puff girls

The Powerpuff Girls

sailor guardians

Sailor Guardians

starbuck picard

Starbuck & Picard

static shock

Static Shock

sully boo

Sully & Boo

superboy raven beast boy robin

Superboy, Raven, Beast Boy, & Robin



tifa aeirs

Tifa & Aeris

two face


velma shaggy

Velma & Shaggy



wonder woman harley

Wonder Woman & Harley Quinn

Yondu Poppins

Yondu Poppins

That about does it for part One of our Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2017 Cosplay Gallery 2017! Which costumes were your favorite? Are there any characters you are hoping to see before the convention is over? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned to ScienceFiction.com for all the latest Cosplay photos coming straight to you from the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2017 show floor!