The third season of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ might still be months away but the San Diego Comic-Con is just next week and, because of that, we’re getting yet another look at some of ‘Walking Dead’ goodness.

AMC unveiled today the banner posters that they will be using to advertise at the SDCC next week. The poster features Michonne (Danai Gurira), a bearded Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), and the Governor (David Morrissey) all looking pretty bad-ass.

Along with the new poster, Entertainment Weekly gives a few quotes from ‘Walking Dead’ showrunner Glen Mazzara on the upcoming season. Of the season, Mazzara had this to say:

The entire landscape has fallen to zombies. The entire world has collapsed, the apocalypse has taken over, the zombies have taken over, there’s no safe place. And I think in the past our characters thought they could find some safe harbor, and now there’s just no good hiding place at all.

Sounds about right for a season that’s going to include the psychotic Governor and the return of that redneck that you love to hate… Merle Dixon!

Also of note is that two of the characters on the poster, Michonne and the Governor are new to the ‘Walking Dead’ television universe and Mazzara wasn’t quiet on discussing these new characters either. Of Michonne, Mazzara said:

Just like in the comic books, she is a badass and she hates the walkers more than anything else. She treats them with contempt. What’s interesting about the version of this character is she has a lot of trouble fitting into human society. She’s probably better off staying out there alone with the walkers. She’ll be very interesting and a complicated character to bring into the fold, if we even do that. She gives us a lot to play with.

Michonne is a fan favorite character to a lot of comic readers and some of the crew here at ScienceFiction as well. I am so far behind on my ‘Walking Dead’ comic reading but Michonne’s definitely one of those bad-ass characters that, like Boba Fett in Star Wars, is sure to have a cult fan following. Let’s just hope that Mazzara gives Michonne more to do than Fett did.

I expect we’ll find out more about season 3 when SDCC actually takes place next week, so stay tuned to for all of the updates as we get them.