The next installment of ‘Pond Life’ has hit the web and follows the Doctor doing what he does best: not arriving in the time he wants to arrive in.

The Doctor has seen the future and pops in to recruit Amy and Rory to help save the earth but the Helmic Regulator has been acting a bit wonky and plants him about 4 months early. Once he realizes the mistake, he tells them to ignore his outburst and that the future is fine while glimpses of upcoming scenes from ‘Doctor Who’ flashes across the screen.

‘Pond Life’ is leading up to the premiere of ‘Doctor Who’ and is setting up the tone of Amy and Rory’s relationship which will be addressed in the beginning of the ‘Asylum of the Daleks‘ episode.

If you missed the first installment of the mini web-series, you can catch ‘Part I’ here. And make sure you return tomorrow as will be bringing you each episode as it is released!

‘Pond Life’- Part 2:

(video courtesy of Doctor Who BBC)