Animator Rob Pratt is back at it again. Pratt, a Disney animator who has worked on ‘Tarzan’, ‘Pocahontas’, and ‘Hercules’, wowed the comic book world earlier this year when he released a short fan-film called ‘Superman Classic’. That first film was done in a classic retro noir style that was simply stunning. It starred John Newton, the actor who played Superboy in ‘The Adventures of Superboy’ (1988) as the Man of Steel along with Newton’s wife, Jennifer, as Lois Lane.

When ‘Superman Classic’ was released, a lot of fans (myself included) went ga-ga over it and said that Platt should get the powers that be at DC and WB to let him make this into a feature length animated movie. So far that hasn’t panned out but it hasn’t stopped Platt from returning to the Superman universe for a second short.

The new short, titled ‘Bizarro Classic’ uses the same cast (with Newton pulling double duty as both Superman and Bizarro) and the same awesome art style. Watch it below and stay after the credits for a look behind the scenes at the making of the short.

Bizarro Classic:

And, in case you missed it the first go ‘round, here’s the video for the Platt’s first foray into the Superman world.

Superman Classic:

If I have any complaint at all with these two films is that they stop just as the action starts. So, if anyone from DC Animation is reading this, I implore you… give Platt a job and let him finish this obviously epic movie! It’ll make tons of money and make fans everywhere very very happy!