Previously on Eureka – Jack and Allison had a VERY rustic honeymoon of sorts. Holly got a new body to live in. And Henry is a spy.

Here there be SPOILERS….

Fargo puts Holly’s new hands to the test… not like THAT! Get your minds out of the gutter! She’s signing a ton of D.O.D. docs saying she didn’t really die. Hand Cramp! She doesn’t care; she has hands! She’s SO happy and grateful she hugs and kisses both Fargo and Zane. This then forces Zane into the awkward position of explaining to Jo that Holly was just grateful. It may be a shock to Zane but Jo actually trusts him so she’s ok with the kiss.

Bad news for Jo – The D.O.D. has arrived at GD to take over the investigation of Grace and the espionage incident. She tried to bury the memo but I guess they noticed. Major Shaw demands all evidence and the infiltrator be surrendered.

Henry is at the garage watching the somewhat restored storage disc. Yup he’s the spy on the disc like Grace said.

Allison, Jack and Jo are at a remote test site for a new smart dust climate control device. Particles are released in the atmosphere then controlled to reflect solar radiation. Jo explains, “You know that shiny thing you put in your windshield when you’re parted in the sun? Like a gazillion tiny versions of that.” Fargo flies over in a biplane. He’s taking a more old school way to deliver the particles into the air.

Zane gives Holly a tour of his lab. He’s got to run but she’s welcome to use anything to do her research. Unexpectedly the computer says hello and offers to display several research possibilities that meet her specialty. It also tells Holly she has one email message waiting. When the computer plays the message it sets off a crazy strobe light that makes Holly go a little catatonic. When Zane returns Holly snaps out of the dead pan gaze with a creepy “I didn’t see anything” smile.

Fargo is good to go. Jack wonders if there will be an explosion or they’ll be covered in goo. Jo takes the explosion bet. 3… 2… 1… release. Everyone holds their breath. Aaaaaaaand… Everything goes fine. That’s not at all normal for Eureka.

Holly has asked Andy to be her handsome and brawny test subject. She then shows him the same strobe light email. And so the evil begins!

Jack and Jo arrive at the police station to find Henry. He is there to surrender himself. He admits to being the second spy. Well actually the alternate timeline Henry was the spy but he has to do the right thing for Grace. Jack and Jo try to convince him that HE didn’t do anything so they plead with him to talk to Grace first. To be fair to her he needs to talk it over with her.

Pilot Fargo triumphantly returns to GD where he is greated by a waiting evil Holly. She convinces him to sign for some supplies for her to use in the bio printing lab. He doesn’t understand why a physicist would want to work in a bio chem lab but reluctantly signs.

Jack and Jo are driving down the road and almost run into themselves. The smart dust seems to have gotten out of control. (Shocker… not.)

Fargo doesn’t believe Jack. Everything in the test went as planned so it can’t be the smart dust. But when they arrive at the containment unit they find the control unit has been ripped out. This is bad. If the smart dust leaks it could disrupt everything from communications to brain functions. It will eventually interfere with body functions.

Henry takes Jack and Joe’s advice; he talks to Grace. She doesn’t want him to turn himself in. He didn’t commit those crimes. She was having doubts about Beverly and her group so when a new Henry arrived she got her chance to make a clean break. Unfortunately times up on the visit – Henry’s got to leave. Grace swears to Jo that she won’t ever say anything to the D.O.D. about Henry. Jo swears she’s trying to do everything to help Grace.

Jack gets Andy to help to track the control. Andy thinks it was probably sabotage so they may want to start interviewing the over 200 suspects. Conveniently he’s organized the most efficient route to visit them all.

Fargo’s concerned about Holly’s switch to the bio printer so he asks Allison to talk to her about it. He’s concerned she’s throwing herself into something too quickly. It only makes sense to Allison but she promises to have a chat.

Jo asks Zane to work his hacking magic to get a list of items the D.O.D. is confiscating. He won’t do it because he doesn’t want to be the one to get Jo’s hands dirty. (Zane was SUUUUCH a punk when he started this show. Always breaking the law. Fighting authority. A player’s player. But look at him now! Wearing a suit, in charge of the most dangerous labs at GD, and refusing to break the law. He also has the hottest girlfriend in all of Eureka!)

Allison pops into a dark bio printer lab and finds the table creating a body. (What is Holly up to?)

Holly comes back and when questioned about what she’s doing she kicks Allison out of her lab. Holly pulls the “the head of GD is my boyfriend and he said I could do anything I want” card. So, bye!

Speaking of the head of GD – Fargo is out trying to fix the control unit. The communication systems are being affected already. But Fargo’s fix isn’t working. The control panel must still be on where ever it is. He may be able o make a booster that will override the interference. Andy reminds Jack they still have suspects to interview. Jack suggests making a device that can track down the control unit – a device like a garage door clicker. Andy says its impossible.

Allison and Henry have a chat at Café Diem. He’s at a loss. He can’t live his life without Grace. Allison doesn’t know what to tell him but she understands. He asks about the guys installing little pods. Allison is having sensors installed to track the smart dust. Henry’s happy to help since he’s on his way to GD to see Holly anyway. Allison asks him about molecular scaffolding (that’s what Holly says she’s working on in the lab.) Would he build a bio body? He laughs no that’s extreme over kill – like launching a space ship to test a zero-grav shower. He’ll see what he can find out.

Jo tries to get a peek at the investigation inventory but she really sucks at being underhanded and sneaky. Major Shaw doesn’t really need her help.

Zane tracks down Allison in the med lab. He found something in the computer network. It’s the hand we all saw a few episodes ago. Zane found it in his computer dead files. Allison thinks the strobe patterns are too precise to be an accident. Zane’ll keep digging.

Fargo just can’t get his booster to work. Jack tries to give him a pep talk then brings up his garage door clicker idea. Sometimes your garage door can open other people’s garage door so maybe they could build one that could track the inference but Andy told him it wouldn’t work. Fargo thinks it’s brilliant!

Allison runs into a bewildered Henry. He says there’s nothing to worry about with Holly. They can chalk it up to an over eager scientist happy to be back at work. Besides, he had the bio printer moved off site for maintenance so she won’t have access to it any longer.

Jack asks if the smart dust could affect Andy? It could. But it’s too weak to be affecting humans yet so it doesn’t explain why Henry and Holly are acting strange.

Jo tries to talk Zane into the hacking again but he’s already done it. (I knew he couldn’t not break the law. Go Zane!) He’s working on the strange email and she tells him she’s seen the video before – when Holly was trapped in the GD mainframe. She can’t tell him anymore because Jack calls with a broken message about being stranded somewhere.

When she gets to the woods she finds lots of little smart dust mirrors. (It’s actually quite beautiful in an Alice in Wonderland sort of way.) She can hear Jack calling out to her so she tries to find him. She thinks she’s looking into one of the mirrors but it turns out to be a Jo replica that takes her by the neck. And the Jack voice turns out to be Andy!

Creepy Jo is sitting in Fargo’s office when Major Shaw comes in fussing out Fargo for a corrupted the data in the shipment. Fargo doesn’t know what he’s talking about but he did warn him that the smart dust could affect the files. Shaw believes he knows who targeted these files.

Zane and Allison almost figure out what exactly is reaching out to them from the computer except Jo and Major Shaw walk in and arrest Zane.

Jack is using the “clicker” and traces the signal to a warehouse. He tries to call Fargo but his phone spazzes. He also finds the bio printer and its creating someone. It’s creating him! Then he finds other bodies – Jo and Henry. Holly and the bad squad arrive and tazer Jack.

To be continued.

NOOOOO! And there are only 2 episodes left! I don’t think I can take this! This isn’t really the ending I had envisioned. I have no idea how they’re going to wrap this up in two little episodes but I can’t wait to find out!

Where do you think the story will go? Is this going to be a dream? Will everyone actually still be in the Matrix with their bodies stored in Warehouse 13?!?!

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