The excitement for season 3 of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ has fans chomping at the bit (unless you’re a Dish Network subscriber of course). With a special season 3 preview coming up this weekend, AMC is supposedly dropping some hints and previews of the upcoming season.

But, even before then, Blastr have already given some word as to what to expect in season 3 and possibly beyond. They pulled some quotes from a recent interview with ‘Walking Dead’ comic creator Robert Kirkman and showrunner Glen Mazzara and, as expected, they do include some possible spoilers. You’ve been warned!

Readers of the comic series are probably even more excited about the show’s third season than the general viewership since they know what’s coming… or do they?

As readers know, the ‘Walking Dead’ show has already veered from the comics, even including characters that never existed in the books. According to Kirkman and Mazzara, the show may be veering even further from it’s comic origins.

Mazzara says that, just because something happened in the comic series, fans shouldn’t expect them to happen in the show… at least not in the same place and time that they did in the comics.

Just because we don’t play particular scenes upfront as maybe they were played in the comic book that doesn’t mean we may not play it down the road. Everything’s in play. I won’t say anything’s off limits. I’m not interested in wrapping up The Governor, Michonne or the prison story line anytime soon. We are getting to the heart of the matter, I think the core of Robert’s comic book. We really have a lot of great material to explore. I hope to explore all of that for a long time.

Speaking of scenes that fans want to see, Kirkman, said that one thing he wished he hadn’t done in the comics was to have Rick lose his hand. He said that a one-handed Rick limits the options of what can be done with the character. Here’s what Kirkman had to say on the subject:

“Yeah, and as we get closer to the story line, I don’t want to remind people that I set things in stone like that. Constantly, we’re up against things in the comics where it would be awesome if Rick could… oh, Rick can’t do that, he only has one hand. That is something that I regret, but I wouldn’t put it past us. I’m not ruling anything out. Season 3 is going to be pretty nuts.”

So… it sounds like Rick may not lose his hand (at least not right away) and that the Governor might be sticking around for and extended stay. Since things are obviously starting to become more and more different from the comic, what do you think will happen in season 3? Voice up below and let us know.

New season 3 prison images courtesy of Entertainment Weekly via ComicBookMovie.