Yes, I know the next superhero that will be arriving in theaters is the web-slinger himself, but Warner Bros. is making sure you don’t forget that Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ will be making his last appearance later this month. Things seem to be heating up as more viral material revealing some confidential e-mails and John Blake have been released.

Over at, a performance evaluation of the mysterious John Blake has been revealed. One of the many questions going into ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is who exactly is John Blake? Is he the upcoming Robin? A villain in the making? Maybe a new superhero come to Gotham? Well, according to his performance eval, Officer Blake is a just darn good police officer – even if he does have a bit of a communication problem with the other LEOs (law enforcement officers). Here’s a look of that report:


(Comments transcribed below):

“Officer Blake shows great dedication and tenacity. He made an impact in his assigned beat by building effective associations within the local community. High marks for skills and conduct. Needs minor improvement in his relationships with fellow officers. His thoroughness tends to make him judgmental of colleagues’ performances and leads him to question authority. Officer Blake has made a request to be transferred to Narrows Division. Given his success in his previous detail, transfer should be granted. Need more officers like him.”

Also on the site are some confidential e-mails sent between two Gotham Observer (the city newspaper) employees. The e-mails are not sequential and offer only bits and pieces of information regarding a couple new people to the film, John Daggett and Miranda Tate. Some of the material covered in the e-mails is the news of a string of burglaries occurring in town (obviously that is Catwoman at her best) and the news about a library being named after Miranda Tate, the new board member of Wayne Enterprises. Speaking of Wayne Enterprises, there is also some discussion about John Daggett whose name you may remember was brought up by a letter from Lucius Fox to Bruce Wayne.

A lot of guesswork has gone into these e-mails which you can read below. Obviously, Daggett is not to be trusted. Is he supposed to be Nolan’s version of Roland Daggett, the villain from ‘Batman” The Animated Series?’Is he connected with Bane somehow? And what of Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard)? Maybe Daggett is just a small peg in the grand picture and it’s really Tate who is in cahoots with Bane? Could Tate be Talia Al Ghul?

Let the speculation begin as all will be answered when ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ debuts in U.S. theaters on July 20th!

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ stars Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine and opens on July 20th.

Source: CBM