You’ve all seen them… those movies you walk out of that just blew you away and earn that coveted phrase, ‘That was bad-ass!” They hit you like a visceral sucker punch to the gut and leave you mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically drained. While the definition of a “bad-ass” film will vary depending on who you speak to, we all know in our gut when we’ve seen one. Popular films like ‘Fight Club’, ‘Kill Bill’, ‘A Clockwork Orange’, and ‘Sin City’ would fall into this category as would a lot of independent short films like ‘Blinky’.

Well now a group of film professionals and festival types have gotten together to make an entire film festival devoted to the “bad-ass” film. Here’s how the appropriately dubbed Bad-Ass Film Festival describe the (non)genre:

When the film pushes attitudes, actions, and appearances to extremes that break from modern convention and redefine what is possible within film as an art form, you end up with a visceral experience that comprises the very definition of Bad-Ass. A non-specific genre of film, the Bad-Ass film speaks to those film goers who want something different, something dangerous.

The Bad-Ass Film festival was created by some ex-members of the Eerie Horror Film Festival team including David Bostaph (who served as vice-president of the EHFF for several years), Joseph Mellesh (EHFF festival director), and FX and graphic artist “Monster Mark” Kosobucki who designed both the artwork in this article and the bad-ass trailer below.

Bad-Ass Film Festival Teaser:

These guys and gals are gearing up for their first event, which will have its premiere in September 2013 in Erie, PA. The Bad-Ass Film Fest will sister a traditional film festival showcasing the best in bad-ass film with an expo that will allow visitors to meet and greet some of the stars and filmmakers behind bad-ass films past and present.

But to be as bad-ass as the name of their event implies, the BAFF crew need your help. To that end, they’ve started the Bad-Ass Film Festival Kickstarter. By donating, you’ll not only be able to earn everything from cool BAFF branded swag all the way up to lifetime passes to future BAFF events and dinner with one of the event’s founders, but you’ll be helping to fund a festival will support independent filmmakers and give the fresh new visionaries of bad-ass film a forum for their work.

So, if you love film (and “bad-ass” films in particular), please donate and help to make the BAFF a reality and then be sure to drop by the BAFF Facebook page for all the updates on the festival and other fun goodies from the BAFF crew.