In the previous episode of ‘True Blood’, we saw Tara deal with becoming a vampire in a way that we thought she would: She locked herself in a tanning bed. We dove further into Pam’s history, seeing how Eric became her maker against his will. Eric and Bill are suited up with a back up plan by the Authority so they don’t disobey orders, while Jessica and Jason’s relationship takes an interesting turn in light of Jason’s sexual history with a teacher. Sookie deals with telling Alcide about Debbie Pelt. This season really has me following Bill and Eric’s story, finding them the most captivating. Who is the most interesting story line to you? This is a recap of tonight’s episode, so there are spoilers ahead.

Pam goes to stop Tara from frying herself in the tanning bed, using her powers as her Maker to make her stop. Tara tries to defy her, cursing her when the powers work.

Alcide drives away as Sookie screams apologies. LaFayette comes out as this happens, Sookie cries as she tells him that they need to start doing the right thing instead of digging deeper in the hole. LaFayette curses her, telling her that she is the Angel of Death before walking away.

Bill and Eric return to Bon Temps. They speak on how only 4 people knew where Russell was, getting into Bill’s car they go to talk to some people.

The Guardian and Salome watch Nora’s interrogation and speak about how Salome and her have a sister-like relationship. The Guardian says that if Nora doesn’t confess they will execute her publicly.

Sookie goes to Jason’s to confess and turn herself in. Jason tells her that he will not put her jail, tells her to act normal tomorrow when Alcide goes to the station. She tells him that LaFayette was there and about Tara being turned into a vampire. Sookie tells him that she ruins people lives. Jessica come out from behind Sookie, surprised.

Eric and Bill await Pam in Fangtasia. Pam tells Eric that he’s a grandfather, that Tara was turned. Pam asks what is wrong. Bill talks to Tara about the impulse, and asks about Sookie. Tara tells him to stop worrying about Sookie. Bitterly, tells Bill that Sookie is safe, always safe. Eric attacks Pam, asking about Russell, and that she is not lying. She cries, wondering what has happened to him. She wants to know how he could think that she would unbury Russell. He tells her that he trusts no one. Pam tells him to release her, if he really doesn’t trust her. Eric goes into the back room with Bill, Tara scurrying out behind him. Eric tells him that it wasn’t Pam. They decide that the next day they will cast a wider net. The Authority watches them using their special equipment and discuss how that they could be using Russell to buy more time. There are some issues with The Guardian.

The Judge goes to see Andy, to thank him for clearing him of his ticket. He offers him to take him out for a thank you dinner, offering to take Jason as well.

Sam gets a visit from two of the shifters in the club. They beg him to come back and run with them again. He tells them fine after some convincing. Sookie listens to people’s thoughts walking back into the dining room, hearing how everyone is upset with her for what happened to Tara. She locks herself in Sam’s office, crying. LaFayette gets out of his car going into work, seeing Sookie’s car, attacks it as the Brujo, as he did last week with the bleach.

Alcide goes to see Gordon and Barbara Pelt. He tells them he knows what happened to Debbie. He tells them that Debbie is gone, she was killed. Alcide assures them that he didn’t kill her. He tells them he knows who did it, blaming Marcus for it. Alcide creates a story about how he had moved in on Debbie and, when she resisted, he killer her, and that Alcide killed Marcus for what he did. After an emotional meeting, they kick him out.

Sookie speeds in her car, seemingly unable to control its speed and the brakes no longer working. She bails right before her car slams into a tree.

Terry and Patrick speed off to find the serviceman Heller. We are flashed back to Iraq. The crew is drinking and doing drugs while they are in a prayer tower celebrating the 4th of July. They watch as bombs explode in Iraq. They sing Born on the 4th of July as a citizen confront them. The citizen is killed by Heller, then a whole town goes out to confront the servicemen. Hostiles start firing on them. They are able to take out the hostiles but all the citizens are killed. Terry sinks to his knees, crying over what happens. In our time, Terry has an episode.

Sookie shakily comes back home, pulling out a bottle after bottle of alcohol.

Andy gets a phone call saying that the Pelt’s left. Jessica comes in a glamours him into closing the Pelt case, making the case disappear. Jason tells her that she is a good friend to have.

Pam gets up from her coffin before Tara awakes. She watches over Tara as Eric comes down the stairs. Eric tells her that his mission is a suicide mission. Pam offers to come with, but Eric tells her that she cannot be there. Eric tells her that he has to release her, not because of trust or not caring, but because she is his only heir, his legacy, and needs her to live when he is gone. She cries, if that is his wish she understands and accepts. Pam tells Eric to do it. Sobbing, they hug, he whispers to her “You are my child, as I was a child of Godric. You were born into greatness. You’re a maker now. Our blood will thrive.”

The Judge takes Jason and Andy out in a limo with women waiting for them inside. They cover their heads with black bags, saying to just go with the flow.

Bill and Jessica search Bill’s place for a bug. Jessica asks if he is still king, which he states that he is until he meets the true death or until they change their mind. Jessica asks if he is going to see Sookie, Bill tells her that she should avoid her. He tells her she needs to take care of herself first. Jessica tells him that this time it was different, Sookie and Bill was different than Sookie and anyone else. As he walks away, a new look passes across his face.

Salome and The Guardian go to see Nora. She accepts the True Death that comes of her treason. Her body is heavy with silver. Salome wants Nora to tell her who is the one who is leading the rebels against the Authority. She curses at them, telling them to slice her open, she will not say anything. She tells them to kill Bill and Eric, they will probably die anyway. Before he triggers the application to kill them, she asks how will she know of their safety. Salome swears with her own blood that they will be spared if she gives the name of the true infidel. Crying, Nora collapses into Salomes arms.

The ladies bring the three men into the field that Jessica had chased Claude into. They open a portal into a specialty club filled with Fairies. One of the Fairies seduces Jason right away, leaving Andy alone. Andy runs into Morella, who kisses him deeply after assuring him that before wasn’t a dream.

Drunk Sookie lays on the couch and sings loudly with the radio. LaFayette calls to make sure she’s okay. Alcide comes over before LaFayette could make his way over. Alcide tells her that he went to the Pelt’s, telling her that he made up a story to cover Sookie’s mess. Sookie apologizes for putting him in the middle of everything.

Terry and Patrick come up to a barn that is seemingly abandoned. Under a mat they find a cellar with a ladder leading down into a bunker, one that looks of someone who was deranged. Fires paint the wall. Heller appears from behind, wielding a gun.

Sam comes up to the two shifters who saw him at Merlotts, seeing bulletholes in their head.

Pam brings a girl named Melanie to feed Tara. She refuses it, but Pam tells her as her maker that she has to. Pam tells her, “No human can hurt you any longer. They are yours to savor.”

The Guardian stands before the Council with the wooden stake. He gives a speech of Judas and betrayal. He cannot adjourn their meeting because their rooms are being searched. The guards bring him a laptop with a piece of paper on it. Chancellor Drew, the younger looking child, with video proving his betrayal. He is staked on the spot for it.

Alcide drinks with Sookie, laughing with the bad alcohol. Sookie tells him this is the first time she’s felt good in a long time. She tells Alcide that he’s in love with her he’ll do anything for her. Bill watches outside as they make out on the couch. Eric comes up behind him, Bill tells him that they shouldn’t give Sookie the choice in making her help them find Russell.

Jason kisses one of the fairies who reads his mind. Their cousin Hadley is there, well they tell everyone there is a refugee from the vampires. Hadley tells him that his parents were killed by vampires, not in a flood. She begs him to bring Sookie back there. Jason and Andy start to fight the fairies, who throw them out of the club, then hit them with their fairy powers.

I felt this episode was kind of slow moving, while it did advance the story it didn’t have the usual True Blood pacing. I still find Eric and Bill to have the most intriguing story, and I am really hoping to see more Russell Edgington soon. I’m not shocked by the Sookie and Alcide romance but part of me still wants her and Bill back together. Pam and Eric’s ending was heartbreaking.

What did you think of this episode? Whose story are you following the closest?

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