Fans of ‘The Secret Circle’ won’t have long to wait to see Chris Zylka back on the small screen as he’s just signed on to star in Season 2 of ‘American Horror Story.’

On ‘The Secret Circle,’ Zylka played the role of Jake, a love interest of Cassie played by Britt Robertson. He’s also been on the shows ‘Zeke and Luther,’ ’10 Things I Hate About You’, and the film ‘Pirahna 3DD.’ He can be next seen in the role of Flash Thompson in the upcoming movie ‘The Amazing Spider-Man.’

At ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ premiere last night, Zylka was finally able to confirm that he landed a role on ‘American Horror Story:’

“Ryan Murphy, thank God, let me finally announce tonight that I will be a cast member on the second season of American Horror Story. It is a thrill, an honor, a challenge. Honestly, it was as big a thrill to book that show as it was to get a part in The Amazing Spider-Man. I cannot believe I will get to be in the same room as Jessica Lange, let alone work with her. I am a lucky, lucky guy. I, of course, cannot tell you who or what I am playing or anything about the story yet. Ryan only gave me the okay to say I was in the show. I’m not going to do anything to jeopardize that.”

Although he couldn’t tell who or what he was playing on the series, sources close to the show were able to reveal that he will be playing the role of Daniel, the “most beautiful boy in the world” and a deaf-mute.

The role may prove challenging for Zylka as he will have no lines and is supposed to not be able to hear the other characters’ conversations but he sure fits the description as he is easy on the eyes. Whether he will be an inmate at the asylum is still unknown.

Production will begin in July with Zylka joining Jessica Lange, Joseph Fiennes, James Cromwell, Adam Levine, Chloe Sevigny, Zachery Quinto, Lily Rabe, Lizzie Brochere, Sarah Paulson, Britne Oldford and Evan Peters in the Second 2 of FX’s hit series, which is slated to premiere in October.

Source: EW