This week, more viral marketing for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ was unleashed on the interwebs in anticipation for it’s July 20th release. First, the Mayor of Gotham City signed the Harvey Dent Act, in memory of the city’s fallen district attorney. The bill “gives Commissioner Jim Gordon the tools needed to deal the final blow to the criminal and the corrupt that remain active [in Gotham]” and it declared the establishment of Harvey Dent Day, a new official city holiday. Also, the Dent Act ties together the events of ‘The Dark Knight’ and it’s upcoming sequel.

Today, an issue of Gotham’s leading newspaper, The Gotham Observer, was released containing the events of this year’s Harvey Dent Day, some insight on a recent string of burglaries (cat burglaries?) throughout the city, information about the Gotham Rogues’ latest grid iron acquisition, and more. You can see the whole paper below, courtesy of Collider.

One of the more interesting bits in the paper though is a website for a company called Rykin Data. The site is under construction, but there’s an excerpt from a patent for a “targeted data detection and elimination algorithm” that “permanently purges” your personal information from the web. That is certainly a handy tool for those of us who’d like to remain anonymous and nonexistent on the internet. But I wonder what it has to do with Christopher Nolan’s final piece of his Batman puzzle.

Finally, just a fun bit of trivia. According to some sources, Bruce Wayne’s birthday is February 19th. Check out his horoscope on the last page of the Observer:

“Although things seem hard, it’s your job to rise up and face them.”

Interestingly enough, I am also a Pisces, so you can only guess what that says about me. (Obviously this means that I, too, am Batman.)