When I first came across this story, I thought that The Bandito Brothers, the production company behind the “real Navy SEALs” movie ‘Act of Valor’, were adapting the video game ‘Prototype’ into a movie, but it appears that no such thing is happening. Instead, one of the Banditos, Andrew Will is writing and directing the company’s first foray into science fiction with a movie called ‘The Prototype’.

According to Collider, the movie is about “a humanoid robot (or a roboticized human) from a government program that goes rogue.  As is the case when your superhuman test subjects break free, anything goes in the attempt to bring them down, regardless of how much money you pumped into their creation.“

Starring Neal McDonough, Joseph Mawle, and Anna Anissimova, ‘The Prototype’ hasn’t been set up at a studio or anything like that yet, but Deadline has “leaked” the teaser trailer for the film, which is supposed to act as a proof of concept piece to entice studios into picking it up. You can check out the teaser below.

If all this work went into the teaser, I can only imagine what they could do for the final product. I like the ‘District 9’/’A.I’ feel of the whole teaser, and I feel like this could be a pretty fun ride in the theaters. Once more information on ‘The Prototype’ is revealed, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.