Syfy’s got spirits, how bout you? From the executive producers who brought you ‘Celebrity Ghost Stories’ comes a brand new ghost story series spotlighting schools and universities across the country called ‘School Spirits’. The show features first-person accounts from students, faculty, and alumni sharing frightening tales from frat row. Or, you know, wherever the hauntings took place.

But what makes this different from your usual ghost story recreation show? According to Seth Jarrett and Julie Insogna Jarrett, two of the executive producers on the show, quite a few things make ‘School Spirits’ stand out from the crowd. Firstly, recreations are more cinematic. Julie had this to say about their approach to filming:

“The re-creations are meant to illustrate and dramatize their experiences. So we took a very cinematic approach to the re-creations that we did on the show. While these are firsthand stories, we wanted them to feel like movies. So it’s factually true, but cinematically, filmatically visual.”

“Filmatically”? Really?

Anyway, another way that this production hopes to stand out is that they utilize more than one account to back up the personal stories presented on the show. Seth had this to say about the multiple points of view that will provide more evidence of these incidents:

“It was always important for us to bring in other voices who could validate this information. I think many, many of the paranormal shows out there, while they’re fun to watch, they rely on one story, one person’s voice. And we knew it was always important for us, and especially for the network, to bring as much of this information and multiple voices in there.

So it’s not a coincidence that a lot of our stories will be multiple sorority sisters telling similar stories in the house, or roommates in a dorm who saw the same thing. You know, roommates who haven’t actually seen each other for 25 or 30 years, we brought them in to do these interviews, and you know, without a missing a beat they tell the same story note for note. And it’s pretty amazing, pretty fascinating to listen to.”

The first of the six-episode order premieres tonight, June 20th at 10/9c, and kicks off at the University of Michigan, where a sinister spectre stalks some sorority sisters. Other episodes will take the audience to SUNY Geneseo, Lebanon Valley College, Sweet Briar College, and more.

Below you can see a TV spot for the show, and for more details, you can check out Blastr.

Syfy ‘School Spirits’ TV Spot: