Anson Mount, Ethan Peck , Rebbecca Romijn star in Short Treks
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Fans really embraced Ethan Peck‘s depiction of Spock, Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike, and Rebecca Romijn as Number One on the sophomore season of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ and many are clamoring for Paramount and CBS All Access to give this Enterprise crew their own show.  But in the meantime, these three actors and their characters will return for ‘Star Trek: Short Treks’.  The characters will be mixed among three episodes.

Mount and Peck were among the celebrities on hand at Star Trek Las Vegas 2019, where they offered a little insight into their upcoming shorts.


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Mount expressed that he jumped at the chance to appear in ‘Short Treks’ and he particularly enjoyed the tone of the shorts versus appearing on ‘Discovery’:

“That’s one of the things I liked about Pike and [‘Short Treks’] in general. Adventure and also – as I discovered in westerns – it is easy to get too deliberate sometimes, and you got to play the back floor sometimes. I think you are really going to enjoy them. It’s great material, I can say that.”

In a separate panel, Peck echoed Mount’s sentiments:

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“It was amazing. When I put down the ears, I wasn’t sure I would ever pick them up again. It was such a joy to go back and revisit that character. The second time around, I wasn’t riddled with terror, because I had already done it. I felt so much more freedom in myself as an actor and that was wonderful and more comfortable.


“I can’t wait to see them, and I can’t wait for you to see them, because it is going to explore some very cool relationships that I think you will be excited about.”

The titles of the new episodes will be “Ask Not”, “Q&A”, “The Trouble with Edward”, “The Girl Who Made the Stars”, “Ephaim and Dot” and “Children of Mars.”  Two will be animated.  Three will feature Pike, Spock, and Number One.  One will be set before ‘Star Trek: Discovery’.

After that, it remains to be seen if these characters will return, but considering how much fan love they’ve received, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

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