There are a lot of great moments to discuss with ABC’s ‘Once Upon a Time’. I felt these points were strong, and hopefully plot points that will be brought into Season 2.

If you haven’t watched ‘Once Upon a Time’ yet, please note that there are spoilers ahead!

1. In the Beginning…

I absolutely adore the beginning of this show, the first episode was a fantastic hook into an exciting premise. It’s Snow White and Prince James (Charming)’s wedding day, when the Evil Queen Regina comes in and promises to take away their happy ending. We are then flashed to the day when the magic went away, their histories forgotten and their names are changed. No one remembers who they were, for all they know they have all always lived in Storybrooke.

2. Rumplestiltskin Falls In Love

Our favorite manipulator has a heart! In the Beauty and the Beast themed episode, it is revealed that Rumplestiltskin is a beast with feelings as he falls for the beautiful Belle, who is his housekeeper. Thanks to Evil Queen Regina though, true love didn’t win, Belle disappears from Rumplestiltskin’s life to not return for almost 30 years.

3. Regina Loses Her True Love To Snow White’s Innocence

What turned Queen Regina into Evil Queen? It turns out that Snow White was behind the death of her true love, her stableboy. Snow was just a child, and at a such a young age thought she was saving Regina from losing her mother. Unfortunately, Regina learned her manipulative ways from her mother, causing her mother to murder the stableboy.

4. Henry Dies For Emma To Believe / Emma Finally Believes In The Story

Frustrated that Emma refuses to listen to him, Henry eats an apple turnover that Regina had baked with intention for Emma to eat it. Emma watches in horror as Henry collapses in front of her, eventually to his death. When Emma kisses his forehead, he is brought back to life, finally bringing Emma around to believing the story.

5. Rumplestiltskin Brings Story Time To Real Time

With the curse broken, Rumplestiltskin decides that he needs his revenge as well. Taking Belle to the wishing well, he drops a vial of True Love in the well bringing a purple smoke to Storybrooke. We don’t know what it is, and we’re waiting for the next season to see what happens next!

What about you? What moments were your favorites? Sounds off below in the comments section!