We still have at least four more months before ‘Walking Dead’ returns to AMC this coming fall and for many fans, myself included, this is the season we’ve been dying to see. It’s going to have the Prison, the Governor, Michonne, and… the return of Merle Dixon!

We’ve already seen what actress Danai Gurira looks like as Michonne in a promo image but now, courtesy of ComicBookMovie, we get our first distant glimpses of the character on set.

We also get a look at the town of Woodbury and a few of the guards, one of who may or may not be Caesar. But, best of all, we get our first look at Merle himself, Michael Rooker, back on the ‘Walking Dead’ set. When we last saw Merle (aside from a fevered vision that his brother Daryl had), he was chained on the top of a building and left for dead. But Merle was such a badass that he cut off his own hand and disappeared. ComicBookMovie brought up a novel idea… what if it is Merle that causes certain harm to Rick instead of the Governor as it happened in the comics? I think that would be perfectly fitting in the television universe!

What do you think? Are you ready for Merle’s return and the Governor to arrive? Ah! Who am I kidding! Of course you are! Voice up in the comment section below and let us know what you think about the set images.