This issue starts off with a MAJOR development, so please, if you want to avoid SPOILERS, read the comic before this review!

Last issue, Eugene talked Abraham into accompanying him to a facility that might allow the survivors to make their own bullets. This was, of course, after Rick and friends ticked off a seriously dangerous threat named Negan. They killed a pack of Negan’s men on the road and sent one survivor to send a message. Well… message received.

Abraham and Eugene are talking about Rosita, Abraham’s ex who is now shacked up with Eugene, after Abraham cheated on her. He actually wishes Eugene well, saying he wants Rosita to be happy, even if he no longer wants to be with her. Oh, by the way, he says half of this after an arrow pierces his skull and pokes out his eye, before he finally collapses dead. (Yeah, I wasn’t kidding about that spoiler warning.)

Eugene attempts to flee, but is out-manned and captured.

Carl walks in on Rick and Andrea in bed. (Andrea is naked.) Carl is confused because “I thought she was with that other guy.” He tells Rick he knows about sex, but their chat is interrupted by gun fire. Negan’s men have Eugene tied up and are demanding entrance. Eugene actually mans up… er… kind of. He goes all walker on the ring leader’s crotch, biting it over and over, drawing blood! Rick picks one of the invaders off. Andrea has gotten dressed and climbs up on the wall and takes more out. Rick and the gang take out most of Negan’s men, but a small group of them escape and Rock is determined not to let them get back to their base.

They quickly find a zombie eating Abraham. Negan’s men are able to escape after a horde of walkers swarm Rick and Andrea. Rick insists they drag Abraham’s corpse back with them, and Andrea explains that he won’t turn because the arrow destroyed his brain. They make it back to the community, but Rick doesn’t know what to do now.

Interior art by Charlie Adlard

Looks like they aren’t waiting until issue #100 for the major developments. Abraham had developed into a pretty inportant character. In a way, he’d taken on Tyrese’s role as Rick’s muscle. He wasn’t a leader himself, but he was tough enough to carry out Rick’s assignments. I didn’t like him at first, but I did by this point. But I know well enough not to get too attached to anyone in this series.

I’m not sure yet what to make of this Negan guy. This issue didn’t develop his part at all, really. These thugs are just like the ones that appeared before, so no new information is revealed.

I gotta say, the cast is at its most bloated in ages. I can hardly keep them all straight any more. So, obviously there’s about to be a culling.  Most of the newer characters I can easily see go, as I can’t keep them separate and they haven’t really flourished. But I wonder if Kirkman will be bold enough to kill off, say Glenn or Andrea? Or even Carl or Rick, himself? Two more issue to go until we find out!

Verdict: Buy

Written by Robert Kirkman
Art and Cover by Charlie Adlard